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    So, I have done all my mods through installer and that is all, except adding roms for nes and adding loring into the sources for installer which was done with cyber duck, but now my iphone is screwed up, like badly.

    It will occasionally have the screen turn on, nothing will work though, even though it is charging, it only says it is maybe 1/10 times, the screen is usually just black, i have tried restarting it, starting it in safe mode and do everything of such, before it was just flashing apple logo, home screen, apple logo, homescreen, then it went to a screen where it was white and black lines, i have this all recorded through my camera and will upload tid bits later.

    what should i do?!!?!

    ahh im scared

    i dont want to have to go in to apple and give them it with modded stuff, especially stuff that is visible right away.
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    Restore. It sounds like you have a bad flash block and needs to be restored to fix it.

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    It wont show up in itunes though!

    Alright well it finally came up in itunes and i restored it...

    its sad not being able to scroll down to see all my other apps

    Im worried about modding again but i will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slezak12 View Post
    It wont show up in itunes though!
    Do this - put the iPhone in the dock open iTunes and now hold the home + power button until you see the yellow triangle. iTunes will see that your iPhone is in recovery mode and need to restore. Select ok. And do the restore.

    Did you install the If so you need to run the app first for the app to run. Then you will be able to scroll down and up. I made the same error when I first installed the
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    Quote Originally Posted by slezak12 View Post
    Im worried about modding again but i will.


    My advice:
    Just be careful and don't change anything that you aren't sure will work, and let other people try new apps and programs before you do.
    Good luck!

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    Yeah, I installed all the apps i had before it started being funky.

    It all started being funky once i added loring to my sources, im sure loring would NEVER intentionally do something to make our phones screw up but im just going to stay away from his themes (ahh its gonna be hard) for a lil while.

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