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Thread: Who is going to Give up on Jailbreaking

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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    I think its more like the other way round... SDK is more like the condom.. better safe than sorry but jailbreak more like bareback. Feels better but.. unsafe. lol.
    No, think about it: I'm going to have to update to 2.0 later on in June. 2.0 is going to be more of a tough nut to crack for sure.If I keep my jailbreak, I can at least circumvent some of the restrictions that Apple will lay down. (if there isnt an app on AppStore, I'll get another app from somewhere else). Now if you jump into the update with Apple without looking ahead, and you may one day find that you can't downgrade, well happy days are over.

    Apple will have a mini-monopoly on what goes in and what goes out of your phone; if you rely on them to get apps on a non-jailbroken phone.

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    i a way giving it up
    RY GUY!!!

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    jailbreaking isn't going anywhere anytime soon

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    hopefully I can use the appstore and jailbreak together, if not, then I will stick with jailbreaking.

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    I'm hoping I won't have to jailbreak. I don't really need to be changing graphics or anything of the sort so I'm hoping that official 3rd-party apps will take care of my needs.

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    I don't live in a supported country (for the moment) so jailbreaking is the only option to add apps

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    I'll use both as long as possible.

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    The SDK is NOT the "Magical" answer. It will let alot of new and cool apps to come, but installer and cydia will go on. the SDK will not not help all those in this community that don't live in the US or other countries that have iphone contracts. this is a global community and until apple covers them all, and unlocks the phone for the masses, there is no risk of jailbreak going away.

    just my $.02

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    I don't really see how people are jumping on the SDK bandwagon so soon. So we saw a demo of it BIG DEAL! It's not going to be until June until we know what it really offers. To speculate I'd imagine the apps being more secure/reliable. I think this will only be important for something like instant messenger as we know apollo and mobile chat don't always work great. People will always be jailbreaking, because its the thrill of having something your not supposed to have. Not only that, but the community in my eyes is getting stronger and stronger. I like having more control over my phone and I also like seeing what others are doing with theres. So unless SDK is amazing, which I doubt I will attempt to get the best of both worlds. I'm almost positive the installer app will fill in the gaps that SDK lacks.

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