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Thread: Future of AT&T and Edge Network?

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    Default Future of AT&T and Edge Network?

    Is it just me, or does anybody else think that AT&T is going to tightly secure their Edge network now that iPhone can be used by non-AT&T users freely?
    Personally, I wouldn't mind it if AT&T secures Edge so that the network won't be abused by non-AT&T users because I'm a legitimate AT&T user and paying price to use their network. But, I don't really care either way.
    What do you think? Will they attempt to do that? Or, do you think that won't work since people will always find a way around it?


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    People will always find a way around it, and i always say: if human built something, it can be built backwards... theres always a way to change things... when i bought the iphone, i was 100% sure that applications will come out.. why? because if apple was able to build its own applicatons... why people wouldnt...

    I'd rather them improving it and making it faster than more secure (if its possible )

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    What do you mean? People on other networks like t-mo and stuff cant use att's data network.

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    When you have T-Mobile, you're using Edge through T-Mobile....

    but it's all the same EDGE IIRC.

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    so wait.. People with unlocked tmobile phones don't have to pay the extra 20 for unlimited data plans???

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    I think ATT will try to put a stop to it since they are contracted with apple, either by legal action or apple creating new updates to force the phone back to ATT. Despite what the unlock says im sure apple has the ability to remove the unlocks from the phone...once they get ahold of the free program as well. I personally wouldn't unlock it either because you can kiss your warranty good bye.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jujubeanser View Post
    so wait.. People with unlocked tmobile phones don't have to pay the extra 20 for unlimited data plans???
    Correct. T-Mobile pays $29.99 for the unlimited data plan :P

    Also, AT&T's EDGE Network isn't tied to the phone. If you unlock if and use T-Mobile it'll use T-Mobile's Data network.

    To add more, with an unlocked phone you're not forced to buy a data plan. So if you want to stick to simply wifi, you can go ahead and not get the plan. What happens if you do end up using EDGE through AT&T when you don't have a plan is that you get charged by the byte (or bit or something) on a per-use basis. So as long as you don't use EDGE, you'll be good.
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