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Thread: Broom's Playground....

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    ^^UmmmmHmmmm......sure thats all you were doing

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    oh yeah...oh yeah... oh dang its a virus jk

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    ya but its cleaned now

    i hate those things... theyre everywhere.. you try to watch a video (not porn) and it says you need a different codec player and it auto downloads a whole bunch of BS
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    I cleaned that one.

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    ^^That was awfully had that bookmarked.....LMAO. j/k

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    i actually did... but just b/c i liked the topic

    i hope you banned them

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    ^Oh that stuff is insta-ban ....doesnt mean they wont be back....but then they'll be insta-ban again

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    ^ lol

    ya i figured

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    I get an e-mail notification for that thread

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    what would even give someone the idea to do that here... its just like the worst place i can think of

    we're slacking big time right now
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    its late.. this always happens one more for my post count

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    ^^^ lol

    funny enough i just got spam on my visitors page

    check it out

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    ^Haha, I cleaned spam off p_f's page before

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    post deleted , infraction given

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    what the hell is with all of this lately

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    ^^^^hahaha who got banned?
    The beatings will continue until morale improves.

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    user "iPhone insurance" aka spammer

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    Its not just lately....this crap is ongoing.

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    its ridiculous i wish i could just hit an anti spammer button and just ban every one of them

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