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Thread: hologram projection

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    Default hologram projection
    so i saw this on discovery channel , a man invented that.he made sth that produces thin air , low density air, then made the air to flow like a curtain then used a regular projector to play a movie on the thin air curtain and it worked the image was watchable , not perfect but it is sth.

    is there anybody who have any idea how to produce thin air ?
    if so , give me some ideas .and i will do some research

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    It wasnt thin air, I saw the same thing, it was very small water droplets that were falling, almost like a fog but still heavy enough to fall to make it a straight edge instead of spreading out. If you can find a way to make almost microscopic water droplets fall then PLEASE tell me how as I would love to have one of these in my house. In the future can you imagine the videoconferencing possibilities of these things.

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    yeh right , i remember now .it was on beyond tomorrow.
    maybe with some searching i can reach for sth.if i can contact the guy who made this it would be wonderful .i don't think it would be an easy task but i might give it a try .u can help me if u want.

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    Holograms are made with electro-magnetic fields. Similar to the northern lights

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    how to form electromagnetic fields to for projection , do u have any info about that?

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