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Thread: Whats wrong with this picture?

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    Default Whats wrong with this picture?
    My dock for my iPhone. I don't know what happened. I left the cable plugged into my computer and my jansport backpack was on it but it wasn't really heavy and I'm sure the dock shouldn't have been damaged by that. Can you guys tell me what happened to my iPhone dock?

    That picture was too big. Here's a different one. I don't know if you can tell but theres a slanted shade on the left side and it seems not to be white. I hope you guys can see that.

    EDIT:This only appears on the top as you see it. No other places around the dock. Just right there on the top.
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    So. What's the problem again?
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    My iPhone battery probably died yesterday night and I was charging it today. I put it in the dock but it had like 50% of battery left. I was like, "Alright cool." I took it off the dock and just checked my emails and play a game then it turned off on me. I was like wtf. I put it back in the dock and it still had 50%. I was thinking to myself that maybe something is wrong with the dock here. I took off the cable and connected the iPhone with my cable instead of the dock. It ended up showing me a Warning of 20% battery life left. After I charged it for a bit it went quickly back up and it went back to 50% and then higher. I put it back on the dock and then there wasn't a problem. Is my dock or cables defective or what? I don't know...

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    I still don't really understand. my iPhone hasn't sat properly in the dock since I bought it but it does charge fine.
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    let it die completely then let it recharge to 100%

    Also the dock looks slightly darker to the left? And if you look to the bottem left speaker; on the top left speaker theres a tiny brown spot.. Maybe its burnt?

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    No it isn't burnt. That's just debris because I got my iPhone and everything on the last thursday of July.

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    Maybe the connector doesn't seat right in the back of the dock.

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    it did. I just don't know why did it turn to 20% after taking it off the dock and using the cable instead.

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    where is the conector cable??? its wireless?

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    No. Okay here's my update. I let it drain out all the battery. I reconnected it. I left it on and I fell asleep cause I was tired. I just woke up right now. Checked the battery it was still red in the battery picture. I was like wtf so it didn't work and now I think my dock is really f**ed up. So then I took out the dock and use my cable and turned it back on it had like 70% to 80% of battery on it. So what's going on here? It's not showing the battery being charged when it's plugged in with the dock or is there something wrong with my iPhone? I don't know but it wasn't like this before.

    EDIT: Yes Zeal, the dock is slightly darker on the left. there is a slanted line and it covers almost half of the left side...

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