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Thread: Apple store disappointment

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    Quote Originally Posted by .:MirrorminD:. View Post
    although i feel bad for you having to wait in line, i cant really sympathize with your buddy. I also find it real hard to believe he doesnt have a credit card but is on cingular, not unless he is under his parents OR he has a pay as you go plan, which you cant use with the iphone. It states on Apples and AT&Ts websites this:

    What to bring.
    To purchase and activate iPhone 3G, you need the following:*

    Credit card
    Social security number
    Valid, government-issued photo ID
    Your current wireless account number and password or PIN (if you’re new to AT&T)

    As for not catering to cash customers, youll see that happen more and more for many reasons. The american dollar is worthless, has been for awhile now. With credit cards, regardless of the value of the dollar they are backed by banks. Heck look at stores in NYC they accept Euros.

    As a rule of thumb, whenever you have to sign or renew a contract 99.9% of the time you will need a credit card.

    Like i said I feel sorry for you having to wait for him, but this could have easily been avoided on so many different levels, and i dont see how your friend could blame Apple at all. I also understand that you just wanted to let off some steam.....which is fine too
    Social Security #? That's ridiculous.
    Government photo id? I assume they mean any local government since otherwise that would require a passport, unless you had a government job.

    Banks back credit cards? yeah right. See how far that lasts if things continue as they are going right now. Trusting a bank is not a good idea.

    Not having a credit card is fine in most cases but anytime someone wants to 'guarantee' holding you for your agreed transaction they'll require a credit card. You'll find that out in most hotels & contracts.

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    I used my ATM card that has a MasterCard logo when I bought my 3G. I don't use a "real" credit card since I declared bankruptcy about four or so years ago. My only issue was removing the discount on my plan before the transaction could finish, a few minutes on the phone and it was gone and the transaction completed. Did this after my shift while the store was still open on Saturday the 12th, was activated and switched away from my 1st gen iPhone before I even got to my car in the parking lot...
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