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Thread: Is there any other smartphone that can homebrew like the iPhone??

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    Default Is there any other smartphone that can homebrew like the iPhone??
    It has come to my attention that when it comes to 3rd party apps, the iphone is practicly on the same level of homebrewing like the PSP.

    Is there any other type of smartphone that can compare?

    my phone says the blackberry but i don't think so

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    Yes! This is one thing that I hate about Apple. I came from Windows Mobile. There's an app for everything, and has a kitchen that lets you input OEM settings (including registry entries, default email accounts, exchange server settings, ringers, whatever), pick the packages you want, hit build, and a couple of minutes later you had everything you wanted on your phone. And my HTC Mogul had built in GPS and free tethering via wifi, bluetooth, or USB. Honestly. I've found the iPhone is nice (I picked it), but's been done LONG before...

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    WinMo is pretty mod-able. lol
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    Think about it like this: If you just give an all level SDK to everyone and their brother, then they will make apps that may work, but may also brick your phone. Remember all of the apps that were bricking phones? Well by having some control, apple is trying to minimize that risk.

    Win-Mo has A LOT of buggy apps.

    Still, iPhone OS is pretty nice for a 1st Gen. I don't care if I can't tether via WiFi. GPS is coming, yes its aGPS, but still...
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    control works both ways. It is a good argument to say that it is done primarily to minimize that risk but it may also be done to limit competition. Just a thought.

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