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Thread: Moderators in this forum need to step-up

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    Default Moderators in this forum need to step-up
    I have been giving 2 warnings for no apparent reason. And I demand that these mods appologize. My posts are being deleted and am not sure if this thread will go through... This very childish and we need better mods.

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    Well. Some of your posts could of been bad. And I think the mods all this forum are nice. and have good communication. dude no body's perfect

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    Agree the Mods are doing their Jobs the right way...
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    Oh I can't imagine why the would do that. Surely it can't be your constant misspellings, your tirade of acronyms, your excessive use of !, your silly but mostly wrong advice, and your general lack of anything that could be seen as constructive and worthwhile to this community.

    The mods here do their job. Except for Zeal, but chances are he already posted here saying something.

    I'm a helpful jerk, fear me.

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    Well it appears to me you edited your first post at the same time you were being given a warning.

    Then you proceeded to freak out over and over and over again. You post have been pruned due to the fact that you're basically posting worthless junk full of flaming and anger.

    The response to the first infraction should have been my bad, I realize what i said was off and edited my post to match, in which case I'm sure mirror would have been like cool, and the infraction would have been lifted.

    Blowing up over a warning isn't a particularly mature way to handle things. Blowing up and making posts to flame isn't really justified. If you have an issue we have a great pm system where you can vent your anger instead of mucking up the forums.

    With that being said this post is closed before any more peanut gallery posts, if you have a problem with my take on this you can feel free to pm me.

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    Umm, the mature thing to do would have been to PM the Administration. Publicly calling out the Mods that work hard (for free mind you) to keep this place in order is not going to get you anywhere.
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