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Thread: What apple product you own

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    Default What apple product you own
    What apple product you own.

    i have
    2 IPOD NANO 4GB Black and White
    1 IPOD 20Gb (4th generation)
    1 IPOD Video 30GB White
    1 IPOD VIDEO 60GB Black
    3 IPHONE 4GB and 8GB (Third one is virgin)

    sorry guys i am in pakistan so no apple store here so
    no mac
    no mini mac
    no any other stuffs i own i have only ipods and iphone.

    what you got ?

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    Oct 2007
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    powerbook G4
    powermac G5
    ipod shuffle
    ipod nano
    ipod touch
    airport extreme
    (between me and my boyfriend who live together)

    have presently owned and sold:
    ipod 3rd gen
    ipod video

    obviously not included the whole pile of software we own...

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    i like to have IMAC .. one of my friend (live in USA) will buy for me and when he come to pakitan he will give it to me..
    Core To Quad 6600 2.4 Ghz(4x2 MB cache), 1x4 GB RAM(888 MHz)
    Nvidia 512 MB (256 Bit) 7950 GT Graphics Card
    Wireless Mouse,Keyboard,HeadPhone,Wireless BroadBand
    HP W2408 Vivid Color 24" Widescreen Flat LCD Monitor

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    iPhone 8gb
    Macintosh Plus

    Haha. =D
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    iPhone? More like MyPhone kutrackkid's Avatar
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    20" iMac Desktop
    13" SR Macbook
    30gb Black iPod Video
    and tons in accessories for the computers,
    and finally just waiting for software unlock and ill own an iPhone.

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    Retired Moderator DoerrFan's Avatar
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    iPod Mini
    iPhone 8GB
    iPod Shuffle 2G
    Dash im loving the Plus

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    Default why do you need more than one ipod?
    i own...
    ipod 20 gb 3g
    ipod 60 gb video (stolen*)
    ipod shuffle 2g (also stolen*)
    ipod 30gb 5.5g
    ipod 160gb classic
    ipod shuffle 2g (red)

    imac g4
    imac intel 24" 2.8 GHz

    and my favorite the iPhone

    *stolen from me, i did not steal them

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    lol you stoling items ...
    why dont you steal one for me (iphone). i will send you WU but in some good price.
    Core To Quad 6600 2.4 Ghz(4x2 MB cache), 1x4 GB RAM(888 MHz)
    Nvidia 512 MB (256 Bit) 7950 GT Graphics Card
    Wireless Mouse,Keyboard,HeadPhone,Wireless BroadBand
    HP W2408 Vivid Color 24" Widescreen Flat LCD Monitor

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    I own...

    Have a Macbook Pro at home, but I mainly use a PC laptop for CAD. I've learned on PC, and am pretty religious about having the commands at my fingertips. It would take WAY too long to learn the Mac Commands for CAD, took me long enough with Photoshop...


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    iphone 8 Gig
    iPod Touch 8 Gig
    Powerbook 17"1.5 Ghz 2 Gig Ram
    iMac 17"1.8 Ghz 2 Gig Ram ( selling in end jan thou and upgrade to 24" )
    Airport Express ( whot i love )
    Airport Extreme

    That all the apple products i have just thought i share
    The Man With 2 Plans

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    ipod nano 4GB
    Ipod click weel 20GB
    Ibook G4 12"

    Airport Extreme
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    Iphone Love... I dreamed of a iphone before it was out..

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    i just have the iphone

    Its my first apple product. Why do you guys have like 4 ipods? I cant even put 700 songs onto my iphone and thats me just downloaxing songs i think are ok to good let alone have 4 ipods of the same songs

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    Green Apple fidosam's Avatar
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    iPhone is the first Apple product I've ever purchased.

    At work I have an iBook which is pretty sweet (I am waiting for those Intel Macs to show up soon at my desk lol)

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    60GB iPod Video
    13" Macbook
    8GB iPhone

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    I have an iPhone... lol... Sad eh? I did have a 4G iMac (? or was it eMac?) but it kind of got fudged up... Now it's a very large paperweight for whomever wanted it lol.

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    mac book (black)
    ipod gen 1
    ipod mini (blue & silver)
    ipod video (white)
    ipod nano 1st gen black
    ipod nano 1st gen white
    3 ipod nano 3rd gen green silver red
    iphone 4gb,8, custom all white 16gb (from ebay)
    and last but not least i have a lisa II
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    If i helped hit Thanks!

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    every single ipod since they have been released for Windows....

    like a whole drawer.....nanos, minis, videos in every size....

    yes i have an addiction...

    no i will not fix.....

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    I'm a sony type but apple recent release made think second thoughts
    40gb ipod with dock (broken)
    Ipod nano 3 gen (my brother *This cath my eye because it look very cute <3)

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    and Granny Smith apple

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