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Thread: ***found Iphone***

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    Quote Originally Posted by mashom View Post
    do you want him to live there 2,3,4 month or whatever in jail ... lol there will be no wifi so how then he will post thread and replies here :P and their story between police and him.
    wait, why would he be in jail?

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    because some police are assh***s and want to grab some 1 without any perfect reason so they need some good ways to grab :P


    in our country police are working like FBI they investigate and remand the person and beat it too much if the person had not done crime he will accept it that he :P .. sorry man police stories are very long and wide stories in our country explaining to you will full the thread and thread :X
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    well yeah, ain't much getting around that. =D

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    actually of my friends had her iphone stolen...
    her brother tracked it thru ther service provider...and nabbed that guy!!

    so u better turn it over to the police..before somebody comes knocking down ur front door!!
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    the party you found it at didnt happen to be in newyork did it? if so pm me

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    The proper channels to go through would be first to go to an AT&T Store in the area, have them check it (Do not leave the phone with them, they will keep it for themselves). If no luck, go to the police and file a report, after xx days, it will be legally yours. I'd hate to see someone lose their iPhone and not have the proper ability to see it's return.

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    Karma! Do the right thing!

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    i work at a at&t store "thus the name" if you take it to your local store we can look up the IMEI and tell who's account it is linked to unless the sim has been unlocked and its being used on another network "aka tmobile, etc"

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    Oh please just keep the darn thing!! Hey, yeah, if I lost my iphone, I WOULD be pissed! At myself, for being sooo careless with a $600 gadget, or for being sooo freaking drunk! I mean, yeah, check to see if it has mom or dad on it, but the whole going to AT&T or the police thing, NO WAY!! Too much trouble for someone that has only themselves to blame!! Enjoy it!!
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    freeze it for future studies
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    tell apple
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    S/He intentionally left it for you to pick. S/He is waiting for you to Jailbreak+Unlock it, before the claim!

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    nah sorry it wasnt

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    I agree with the karma theroy. Yet if it was me I wouldn't be on the boards trying to find an owner or trying to figure out how to return it, I would figureing out how to use it. BUt I guess thats why I have a crappy job, and no money. It's all karma. You will be rewarded greatly for this, and I think apple would be the best place to find the owner.

    Props for trying to do the right thing.

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    As mentioned before, check the SIM. If its AT&T, take it to an AT&T store and they can very easily find the owner via the IMEI. If its a different carrier's SIM, turn it in to the police and hope that nobody claims it.
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    If the person was smart the would have reported the phone LOST to the Police. So After the apple store.. Just give them the IME and you CONTACT. Then Head over to the Police station and give them the same.. now just hold on to it. KUDOS for being an honest HUMAN!! not to many of us left.

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    if the finder guy has a regular AT&T phone, can he just put his SIM card in and use itunes to register for his use? if not, would it work if he Jailbroke it?

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