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Thread: Help Us Find A Slogan- Free $25 For The Best One!! Negrielectronics

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    Default Help Us Find A Slogan- Free $25 For The Best One!! Negrielectronics
    Hello All,

    Thanks for looking.

    I want to run a little contest to help me decide on a slogan for the website/business cards and such. So….

    Please submit what you think a good one line slogan would be. Keep it short, it is going on a business card and keep it clean because this thread is monitored.

    Whoever creates the most catchy slogan, I will use that slogan on my business card.

    Some ideas.

    We sell Cell Phones, PDAs, Pocket PCs, Smartphones, iPhones and such. So something along those lines.

    We also have a great personal touch, no automated systems, just real people. Something about personally attention, but don’t get to “touchy feely” with that.

    This can not be a registered trademark, and if you submit something here you are giving us permission to use this as our own work, so no lawsuits stemming from this contest arise.

    For the winner!!

    We are offering a $25 off Coupon off anything on the site

    if I really like it, I may even offer more, not likely, but it would happen.

    You can post the suggestions here, or if you need to have me read it immediately- you can email it to [email protected]

    Business Cards need to be printed by June 30th 2008, so hurry with submissions.

    (Im Ryan Negri, and Poetic Folly Approved this message)

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    If you have no real offerings, folks, don't post.

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    Smartphones, Smart People, and much more!

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    Keep it mobile, Negrielectronics

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    Negrielectronics :: A gentleman never asks, a lady never tells.

    Or, on the more serious side, "Real problems, real people, real solutions".

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    Negri Electronics: Your personal aide for all of your electronic needs.

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    its Negrielectronics or nothing!

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    i have a good one, but I have one question. Why are you selling ZiPhone, WinPWN, or iLiberty, or whatever for $65 to unlock an iPhone. If you answer me this, I will give you a great slogan, free of charge if you choose it.

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    Negrielectronics, let us help you become truly mobile!

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    We do not charge for the software, we offer a service of unlocking a customers phone who doesn't want to attempt this themselves. Similar to tax services where you pay to have someone do taxes for you. You could do your own taxes, but you could also pay someone. There is free software for it as well. Same with hair cuts, house cleaning, auto detailing..most services are like this.

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