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Thread: Incoming iPhone Photo on Chuck (S01E11) TV Show

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    Default Incoming iPhone Photo on Chuck (S01E11) TV Show
    Anyone noticed the incoming iPhone photo text on tonight's ep of Chuck?
    His friend Morgan sent him a photo text and the iPhone displayed incoming photo and he was able to click and it displayed the photo.
    Wonder if it was real..
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    You can send photo SMS or better known as MMS. There is no native app that does that on the iPhone. The simple solution is phone [email protected] the provider is of the other party. You can look those up on google or in Wiki

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    I have tried the procedure your speaking of with no luck.
    Also isnt that way like sending as a email?
    If you look at the link i posted (photo) you'll see the iPhone displays as a incoming photo and not as a email. =)
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    it works with some sucess. I can't look at the link cause the phone won't open it. 2 explanations. 1. Its TV they can't make it look what ever they want. I saw iPhone shooting videos on Law and Order. 2: an update is coming that will have native MMS client, and Apple is advertising it, and you know shows and movies get the first dips on such things.

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    Basically, what you saw in the show was fake.
    They have been multiple iPhone on many shows lately and almost every one of them has been "doctored" and doesn't look like a real phone.

    Besides, we all know View is on the right side. =D

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    Yeah I saw that last night as well. Here is a smaller picture of what was on the episode.

    It's time to write a picture sender!

    (well and finally get FLASH in there as well).

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    Chuck is an awesome show!!! Forget all those who say differantly. There is definately a way to send sms texts....we just have to figure it out. It's a fricken computer...there has to be a way.

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