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Thread: WHat do u do for a living?

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    WOW! What a wide range of people here! That's sweet.

    I'm a nerd by trade. Born, raised and trained on Windows but recently made the Mac crossover. I LOVE my pc's and will never trade them for a MAC (even though I was given one for free). Even though I'm Windows I'll be honest, paying for a iPod is better than a free ZUNE. And you see Windows hasn't attempted a phone yet.

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    23.... Born and raised in Newport News, VA (where the Vick boys are from, ha...graduated with Marcus Vick)...... Now live in Atlanta, GA... Have two kids, girl - 2 - Kyrah and son - 2 months - Keiayr (key-air).... I market with an company called Tahitian Noni International and Sub-Contract with Comast Cable, doing sales and installs. Looking at by Christmas this year, '07.... Plan on being at a position of Diamond Pearl Elite within our company Tahitian Noni Int. and that intells banking $10,000 a month... Pray for me, as Im deffiently trying to get there.

    * I love to help others, make money, and love to have fun *


    <---- GT on Xbox Live is SiLeNtKiLLa ----> Come see me in Halo 2 so I can snipe your face off, or in Rainbow six Vegas so I can shoot you in the forehead meat, or in Spades just so I can SPANK YA....LOL... I love to have fun.

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    I'm actually a sales rep for AT&T/Cingular.

    Go figure.
    [r a y n e]

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    Uninterestingly, I work for FedEx as a package handler at a loading facility.

    Very interestingly, my older sister has worked for Apple in R&D for 3 years.

    I've become the guy who knows a girl who works for Apple, and therefore says things sometimes to certain websites...

    *shifty eyes*

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    You're posting on my site. I also own modmymoto.

    These are my spare time hobbies, I work as a petroleum production manager for a small private oil company.

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    i'm an industrial engineer for a huge consumer products company. i spend all day in front of a computer, then hurry home to spend yet another 8hours in front of a computer
    Black 16GB 3G iPhone w/bestskinever
    Q6600, 3GB RAM, Vista Ultimate Desktop Box
    2 Hands, 10 Fingers, etc
    Temporary Eee PC Portable

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    As a friend of mine once put it well, I'm a serial entrepreneur. I've always had a main occupation and some sort of other occupation/project on the side. I'm 31 now, and that means I've a whole resume of past professions and a lot of sleep to catch up on some day.

    These days, I'm a web developer/designer, and I'm in charge of business development for a company I helped start.

    An OS note: I used to be a Mac fanboy back in the 1990s, but since college, I've been a Windows user because, let's face it, games came to Win first (except recently). I've also pretty much given up fanboyism these days. I'll use any OS, but I'm always happy to slap a fanboy of any platform around for fun

    ...and I do play guitar, but very poorly. I don't know why I haven't noticed this thread until now, but thanks for asking, and thanks to everyone that turned the iPhone into a real computer.

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    Hey guys. I'm a native Oklahoman. Everything i've learned on modding i've learned here. Thank you to everyone. I'm a massive Apple freak. I have my own band, it's fun. I'm by no means great, but it pays the cell phone bill at least! I own a recording studio called "Audioscape" and I work at my church. This site has become my home page.

    and I don't know exactly how to turn the "I still use Windows" thing off! =) My bad.
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    I am a commercial fisherman in the summer, a student in the fall and spring and a small business owner year round (wife opened a childrens clothing boutique). As well as a full-time father. I just got my iphone off ebay yesterday. It came unlocked so I am here learning all the easy stuff I can do to my phone w/o mucking it up.

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    I am a system's Admin for CBC.CA. I just started here a few months ago right out of school. i have beginner programming knowledge but now mostly work with Linux and Unix.

    I love cell phones.. i need to change them every few months!! but i think the iphone will stay with me for a while..

    in the past year i have had
    - Moto a1200 (ming)
    - Nokia N70
    - Eten Glofiish M700
    - Motorola Rizr (which i still have)
    - Blackberry 8703e (work phone)

    i modded every single one of these phones.. but the iphone has been the most fun.

    I also play guitar and play in my church band ; > i just recently baught a Epiphone Les Paul Custom Ltd edition Silverburst, which i love.

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    Hey guys,
    I'm Wayne Sun (as it says in the username.. haha) from New Jersey. I come from a rags to riches background.. my parents used to live in Queens (Elmhurst), and worked extremely hard to get where they are today. And i appreciate that. I'm 16 years old (junior in high school) in a pretty wealthy suburb, and I came across this site after deciding on whether i should buy an iPod touch or iPhone. Most people would think my parents spoil me when i bring out my iPhone, but i worked for everything myself. My parents clothe and feed me, but the luxuries in life are bought and paid for by myself (such as.. my gadgets).

    On the pro side, I design websites, print work, and create identities for clients. My more popular clients include ASUS and Lamborghini. My current client is DigitalStorm Systems, and i'm currently designing a magazine ad for them to appear in PCGamer. I am a design consultant (easiest. job. ever.) and I jump onto other rogue projects to earn some good bills on the side. (that's how i bought my iPhone). I never "learned" how to design, and the only graphics class i ever took was a required art class in junior high school. Inspiration is everywhere, and it is the little details that create a larger picture.

    The current web boom has gotten me into entrepreneur mode.. i'm currently pursuing my own project with two other individuals. I think it's pretty big, and i have 100&#37; confidence in the project. We sell web applications on the side for bootstrapping, and i'm using the experience for a future venue: delivering physical products. I am connected with the top dogs of many taiwanese contractors and corporations that have helped deliver some of the hottest products to date, and they are helping me out with advice and my vision.

    I've played the violin for 11 years.. loved 2 of them (i've grown to appreciate it more recently). I play for state and regional orchestras. I also swim the 100 meter breaststroke. School-wise, i write technology articles for the school paper, participate in model united nations, and i'm in national art honors society. I'm on varsity swimming as top 100m breaststroke swimmer.

    I'm not nerdy looking, but i am secretly a geek.
    It's my double lifestyle.

    My iPhone isn't my cell phone (i'm on a Verizon family plan) , but it's more of a personal organizer/ipod/pussy magnet (so many features!). My dad loves it as much as i do, and it's definitely something that everyone in my family finds a common interest in. I use a really nasty looking motoPhone that gets the job done.
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    36, Network Admin, at a slaughterhouse in st joe missouri. doesnt get any better than that. [/sarcasm] Been hacking/modding crap for about 10 years now.

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    im 25 i live in downtown orlando... love it here.. and im a brick mason / block mason for my familys company.. and i ride bmx and make videos some of the companys.. and websites we post on
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    I am the guy people hate to see when they fail to keep up the payments on their toys...

    I recover anything from a motorcycle to motorhome / boats,etc...

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    i'm a software engineer for a healthcare corporation, radiology application specific.

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    Let's see, 34 and I work as an IT Analyst in the greater Seattle area. I was a Windows guy for a long time but my fiancee is Mac girl and is slowly transforming me into a Mac guy.

    If you start a band, I can DJ!

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    I am 14.

    I do nothing


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    I am 14, and a bag boy at Market Basket!


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    Full-time College Student whose money is horded for their ramen noodle fund.

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