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Thread: What Do You Want In iPhone 2?

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    Default What Do You Want In iPhone 2?
    What does everyone here want in iPhone 2? I personally Want:
    Higher Resolution Camera, Zoom would be lovely.
    Record Video, Mini iMovie, and Upload to Youtube Capabilities (I can hope can't I?)
    iChat, MMS, Text Editor of some sort (iWork ?) and any other software they're holding out on us.
    Flash Support (PLEASE!!!)
    Louder Speaker, For the love of God.
    In a perfect World, we would get all these, then it would REALLY be the JesusPhone.
    If only....

    Your thoughts?
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    i would also include mini office-like apps, spaces sessions, firewire support for faster transfers, external volume control buttons, tabs for safari, tabs for open apps, and
    allow to create customized keyboards such as num pads and special keys like ".com", "", "" .
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    For iPhone v2:

    Front camera
    Video capture
    iChat with video
    Improved battery

    Software updates:

    Landscape mode for all apps
    Highlight/Cut/Copy/Paste functions
    Google Maps "my location"
    Flash support
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    I expect all those to be given in iPhone 1 by updates before christmas.


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    I like all the ones you guys said. But I also would like AIM chat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reako View Post
    I expect all those to be given in iPhone 1 by updates before christmas.

    I don't think they will, they are holding out on us .

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    - "Real" Bluetooth support - for file transfer, data services, etc
    - GPS
    - 3G

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    3g doesnt do me any good since im always near wifi but I would like:

    front camera and recording capabilities
    better battery life
    if flash wouldn't rape the battery then yes please
    more mac apps atleast
    better bluetooth capabilities
    customizable features without the need of jailbreaking
    unlocked OS

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    Business Cards... you know how you can send a name and number from your contacts to another phone via business cards on a Nokia... the iPhone needs that!

    Text forwarding and more options
    Office type apps
    Better Camera, zoom, b+w, sepia etc. video

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    The only desperate thingS I want with this version iPhone is some Copy/Paste functionality, for God's Sake, MMS, for God's Sake, and the ability to sync via Bluetooth. Then I'll be happy.


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    Assuming 3g is a given, I'd first and foremost like to see a better speaker implemented, and better voice quality. I've missed a few calls because I couldn't hear the phone ringing, and I think I've heard my sms notification less than a handful of times. Initially I was able to improve that some through the mods here, but after 1.0.2, I haven't been able to make the mods stick. As for voice quality, I place it about level with my L7, but this is a far newer phone, I just expect a little better out of it.

    Secondly, I would like a little better quality assurance from the factory. My screen is out of alignment and sticks up a bit, but honestly, I can handle that. However, the antenna cover felt loose from day one, and the first time I dropped it (and from only about three feet), it ate it. That exposes vulnerable parts of my iPhone to dust and other elements that could kill it. I've had to duct tape it back on until I can get a replacement. >.< I plan to make lemonade out of lemons there though, and perform the black back piece mod, a strap mod, and I've already done the brushed look mod. I love how it came out.

    After those two, I wouldn't mind seeing these, but they'd be icing on the cake for me. Copy and paste, real mms capabilities, a higher quality camera with a built-in flash, vid recording capabilities, and either some sort of steadying software or a timer, user customizable EQ for the iPod player, and maybe flash support in Safari. Personally, I hate flash, but it is everywhere on the internet and would open the internet up fully to us.

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    1) better camera with flash and video
    2)bluetooth with all hte protocols
    4)better speakers)
    5)bigger capacity
    6)out of the box unlocked
    8)copy paste function
    9)better sms app
    10)More native games
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    more storage ^^ like 16 or 32 gigs WOW

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    I know most of these have already been mentioned but what would really make me happy:
    -Flash Support
    -Forwarding text messages/ multiple recipients
    -Copy/ Paste
    -Better battery life
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    personally, I would like to see a 'right click' menu of sorts. In cludes would be copy and paste. Customizable keyboards, unlocked w/o fee, better camera w/ better camera app. Also more 'office' style apps preloaded. No need to jailbreak. Landscape attribute to all apps, even springboard. Flash support out of the box. That's about it for me. I can live w/o 3g

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