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Thread: The ModMyI IRC code of conduct

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    Default The ModMyI IRC code of conduct
    As advertised on the right hand side of the front page to this site, there is a direct link to the ModMyI IRC channel. Those of you who are not familiar with what IRC is, its a form of (real-time) internet chat. The ModMyI IRC chatroom offers the opportunity for its members to socialize with each other and ask for live help.

    Our IRC channel as well as through your browser, can be accessed by PC via Mirc, Mac via Colloquy or iPhone via ColloQ.
    To make IRC an enjoyable and smooth experience for everyone on it, the following rules have been laid down.

    Visiting us online? Change your nickname.

    Mibbit (the online client used by us) assigns a random nickname with the prefix "mib" (example mib_67f2e). When you first enter the client, a text box is there. Use it and change your nick, preferrably to the same one you have here. If you're already inside the channel, change it by typing: /nick yournickname. Having a real nickname makes it a lot easier for everyone to keep track of conversations and each other.

    Free speech, fine. Spam, Troll, Whine, Warez = ban.

    IRC gives you the opportunity to talk about pretty much anything you want, but don't abuse it.
    Free speech does not include:
    Warez- do not post links to, or ask for illegally distributed software.
    this includes cracked AppStore files

    Spamming/flooding- useless, fast repeated messages over a short period of time won't be accepted, and offenders will automatically be kicked from the channel
    Trolling- ugly insults, racism, and stupidity in most forms will not be tolerated.
    Offenders will be banned.
    We help those who help themselves.
    The IRC is useful, but not a substitute for the vast forums. We are willing to help, but remember that the site still exists, and you still need to search for yourself. Check the site for help first. If there is something more that you need or you still can't work it out, then feel free to ask.

    We're active... most of the time.

    People connect to IRC from all across the globe. Some of us are sleeping, others are at work. Don't get frustrated if no-one answers straight away.

    Some more info:

    If there is something wrong, or you have a complaint, contact the admins (&) or operators (@), not the founder (cash).

    IRC Hierarchy

    These are some of the tags you will notice when you join the channel

    ~ owner- The person who created the channel. Has the most priority. On #ModMyI, this would be our beloved cash7c3.

    & admin- Can change channel modes and set behavior of the bots on the channel.

    @ operator- Can kick and ban users and set channel modes.

    % half operator- Can set some channel modes and can kick and ban users.

    + voice- Has the ability to speak in the event of the channel being muted.

    Some IRC details for those not using the web client

    Click to enter
    no mibbit nicknames please- use the nickname you use here

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