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Thread: New Computer!!!

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    Video - Tom's Hardware : Windows XP vs. Vista: The Benchmark Rundown
    That shows some, Vista does run slower on older machines than xp, I'll give you that, but with multicores and more than 3 GB of Ram Vista runs AMD 6400+ x2 and 4 GB of ram can atest to that....I dual boot Vista and XP....XP only addresses 2.5 GB of ram out of My 4 GB....that is performance gains from the start.
    And for people complaining about ram usage.....
    Vista uses free ram to preload programs.....making everything run smoother...if that ram is needed for a program it frees it up.....
    I agree that it's no perfect and that it is not worth the retail price...but if i come preinstalled on your system there is no need to uninstall it.

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    only 64 bit OS of windows will see more than 3 gigs
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    4 gigs, but yes, you'd need the 64-bit to use more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m3thodandr3d View Post
    P.S. Software developers shouldn't have to write their programs to conform to Vista. Everything from windows 2000 worked in XP, so what makes Vista any different. 16 million lines of bull
    Isn't Vista built on an entirely different architecture than XP? Would that explain the incompatibilities? I'm not entirely sure on that though. Just wondering.
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    On another note, Seems like some people here expect Vista to be as fast as XP. I guess I should hate XP for not being as fast as win95.
    How long has XP been released to the public? 7 years? And Vista has been around for about 1 and a half years? Yeah, totally fair comparison :/

    Micromarty already explained the RAM deal. Why would you want less than half your RAM to be used EVER? I think we're forgetting the purpose of it's use. More "free" RAM =/= Faster computer. But if you have less than 2GB (800mhz) of RAM, you should complain about your parts not your OS.

    I could say OSX sucks because I always seem to get that spinning rainbow wheel. But it's not OSX's fault, it's a great operating system, it's the craptastic computer I was using at the time that was probably worth less then $500 (yay for cheap public computers).
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    Vista doesn't have too many compatibility issues......I would be all for dual booting OSX on my PC.....but it's against Apple's eula....

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