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Thread: First Mac!

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    Default First Mac!
    Mmmmm! Black Friday did me hella good!

    I am in SC right now, and yesterday, I almost gave up waiting in the 800+ person line to get into Best Buy. I decided to run and get some socks and then my mom called and said they let everybody in, instead of 100 at a time.
    I didnt expect to get much, but I ended up overwhelmed.
    [they had a built in apple store]
    What I got: 20" iMac, Apple Wireless Keyboard & Mouse, Office:Mac 2004 [when I get back to florida, I am going to upgrade to '08], JVC camcorder w/ dvd burner, Georgeforman G5? [LOL!], [2] Limited Edition Tom-Tom One's, a few other things, and a hefty load of warrantys.

    I am sitting in the lobby of where I am staying, but when I can't wait until I get home to use my iMac on my network and do whatever I want.

    I took it out of the box at our house thingy, but they didnt have wireless there, so I packed it back up for the ride home tomorrow, and brought just my laptop down to the lobby.

    So I am really excited!

    How was everybody else's christmas?

    Oh, and I got a Wii from Target before I left to go on vacation.
    That pretty much concludes my christmas, because I will be away from my family most of christmas break[remember, I am only 14, so yes I have a set christmas break.
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    I kind of got what you did, but I got a 24" from MacMall with EVERYTHING upgraded to it's fullest. They had sales for 25% off, then I had a 25% coupon so I saved HELLA lot of money there.

    Then I got a 22" monitor for my PC, Super Mario Galaxy, Assassins Creed, Call of Duty 4, Mario & Luigi at The Olympics.

    For my mom I got a Nano from Mac themeselves, and put a alser graving on it for her. She doesn't know yet, but I had it delivered in her name but with a note in it saying "Thanks for everything.


    I might get my cousins a mac mini for a simple macbook tomorrow. Some places have weekend sales, aswell.

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    Well, this was just a spur of the moment decision, I am sure I could have got something better for the same amount.

    Mine was $1499: 2.4GHz, 1GB Memory, 320 GB HD, 20" Monitor.

    My mom had never wanted to get a Mac, and always new I wanted one. We have a super old desktop that nobody uses, we just use the two laptops in the house.

    So it was kinda because she wanted a new desktop, so somehow, I have to fit my laptop and desktop on my desk in my room =]
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    Welcome to the Mac family.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poetic_folly View Post
    Welcome to the Mac family.
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    Macs rule

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    From how much I have used it, which isn't much, it seems awesome. I can't wait until I get to my house and get on the internet. Then I can download stuff and all.
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    im getting sick of windows, and im gonna change to mac as well... right now i got a 1year old 1199€ laptop from hp, but im thinkin of selling it and buying a refurbished macbook for 899$

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    i just got back from the apple store for my sister. She wants a macbook before she goes off to college next year. I played around with leopard while i was there and it seemed really cool....i also watched the guided tour on apples website. I think if i did not just upgrade to windows vista home premium i would have gotten a macbook....o well....i ahve always been a PC guy and never thought about switching to a mac, but my iPhone is leaning me toward a mac more and more

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    Well, I have two windows laptops. One is a HP dv6000 series with vista home premium.

    But for the only desktop in the house, I think the iMac hit it home. I love how it is all built in.
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    The only Mac I've had was one running OS 8. It annoyed the **** out of me, and I haven't used one since. I'd consider getting one, though, if I hadn't just received a Vista laptop for graduation.

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    I miss my Mac.


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    I'm attempting to hold out until they release a tablet mac. I currently have a entry level convertable notebook. I've decided that I am def done with purchasing windows boxes. It's just the stability that I like on macs. Congrats to ya on your iMac!

    As for Black Friday, I went out to just window shop really. Buddy of mine got a 50" DLP Projection TV for $800, plus a Compaq Notebook for ~ $350. Not too bad. My gf spent my money for me lol.
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    I love my Mac. I have Parallels on it so that if I have to use Windows, I can, but I rarely use Windows. Enjoy your Mac

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jodiedicie View Post
    I love my Mac. I have Parallels on it so that if I have to use Windows, I can, but I rarely use Windows. Enjoy your Mac
    Why not use Apple made, Bootcamp.

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    damn. Black friday sounds awesome.
    In canada we have boxing day, the day after christmas,
    but the discounts don't seem to be as good as in the states for black friday.
    It's just like any other sale day. Ive never seen apple have a sale for boxing day.

    i want a wii. and a new desktop and a new laptop.
    Not that mine are old. I have a macbook and an imac, both less then 3 years old.
    But I like the newest and greatest stuff, as I'm sure most of you can understand.

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    congrats! within the last 6 months i got my first 2 macs a 20" iMac and a new SR macbook a few weeks ago and i am just in love with them

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    macs are a piece of crap that are no good for i bought myself one and found out that statement was cool is it that osx is in the iphone...amazing how they fit that in there...

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