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Thread: OK My turn I Guess (New Guy)

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    Default OK My turn I Guess (New Guy)
    Well I have been searching this site and downloading like crazy my first few days... didn't look to the forums till after I had unlocked and reset my iPhone several times. Wish I had done things a little different now. I dislocated my wrist at work a few days ago and the doc says typing and using the mouse is about all the exercise I need to be doing with it. So I have been trying to do that.

    I am a former Marine who has learned a few things and have had fun the last two days reading yall's posts. I have tried to make my replies to the few things I have done so be funny as well as informative but it seems technology has passed me by while I was out of touch. (Does anybody else remember a BBS called the Black Tower? No not the british tv station.) Been an avid Apple (Mac) fanatic since I put my first one together in 1985 (ok do the math, 34 as of yesterday = 11 at the time = total nerd back then ) I am a leadman for a construction company building refineries and powerplants. Our company is trying to go green and we are building a larger percentage of wind generators and ethanol plants every year. So I am trying to stay up to date with the technology now that I can afford it again. (took 6 years to get a divorce from Satan's Evil Twin and get my kids from her, but June 4th I am going to marry my best friend of 20+ Years!!! Cant wait.

    OK that's more than anybody else has said so there now yall now looking forward to creating a few laughs and trying to catch up to some of you younger guys with the cool signatures and monikers.

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    Well Welcome to the Party. Also congrats on a few things you said. And thanks for serving our country i appreciate it. Theres nuttin like a good soldier..sry Marine. lol i have a couple of buddies that served back in the day
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    I salute you a welcome to MMi =]

    If I ever helped you or made a comment you like, press the "thanks" button!
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    sciberjack - first things first.....that was a mouth full lol. Welcome to board and congrats to the upcomming over man!

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    congrats on joining us, and my comisserations (sp) at the same time, lol only messing marrage aint as bad as they make out....

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    Congrats on the marriage. Welcome to MMI and we will try and help as much as possible.
    If anything was usefull a thanks would be great!

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    What's up, man. Congratulations on everything and thanks for serving our country.

    Welcome to MMi!

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    'preciate your service, and welcome to MMi!!!

    Don't worry... I'm 12 and I've jailbroken the poor crap out of my phone with the help of MMi. Stay active!

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