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Thread: extenze and Lipozene!

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    Default extenze and Lipozene!
    umm anyone else pissed off by the A-holes trying to rip off the general public with their distorted advertising? I'm only 21 but i have learned to read the fine print since i was a kid.

    ummm first of all this so called lipozine pills are supposed to lower your weight and fat percentage. if your read the fine print, over 8 weeks you lose 3.85 lbs...umm i could lose way more thanm that weight by changing my diet. Or maybe takeing a pee break once a night. its BS...BTW they advertise lipozine that you dont need to change your diet, BUT ITS ADVISED! **** this, i sereously look at 80% of the ads on tv and want to put out other ads just to advise the general public. With some good advertising, i could sell some BS **** and make some serious cash.... I'm pretty fit, but i hate seeing people getting taken advantage of...

    I didn't say much about Extenze, but the comercials speak for them selves. ads are funny, considering "results are not typical" and that aparently anything that helps is reversed once your stop taking the meds. Don't let the insecureities of others ruit

    Please, if i can pass off the littlest piece of info to anyone from this, just read the fine print. most of what your read comes from people trying to screw your over and make some money. The most valuable piece of advice your can pass on is: Read the fine print!

    IF IT SEEMS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS!!! READ THE FINE PRINT. Greedy people do whatever it takes to make their money, INCLUDING LYING (like its a big surpise)

    I know the general ModMyIfone public is smart enough to see that ****, but this is for the genral public...stay sharp.

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    wowow hahahaha talk about long one. its ok there just commercials
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    Yeah, complete ******** commercials. They must spend millions on advertising Extenze, I see one almost every single commercial break. Same thing with those foot pads that claim to remove toxins from your body, a special on 20/20 proved that even if you dab it with distilled water, the pads still turn dark, lmao. "Ancient Chinese Foot Toxin Remover", more like complete knock-off.

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