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Thread: 1.1.2 Drops

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    Default 1.1.2 Drops
    1.1.2 Just dropped avalible for download here:

    Do not update if you are unlocked or want to keep your 3rd party apps, just wondering though, is it safe for those that used the geo method to virginize to update, since from what i hear it fills the seczone with 0's?

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    no way! im downloading it now because i have sloooowww internet.

    besides international support, what else is there?
    doubt it will be worth losing 3rd party apps though

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    Quote Originally Posted by iphonejeff View Post
    yeah. i said no way! because i didnt believe it would be leaked.

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    Oh Snap! I accidentally updated, now my phone is broken. How do I fix this?

    Ha! not really. Just warming you guys up for the REAL t00ls that will crate such a thread.

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    iPhone 1.1.2 is out, has the features, pros, and cons, and other info on the new firmware. Check it out, and Digg my brave iPhone!

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    Yeah... we read 1.1.2 is out... almost two hours ago. But thanks.

    Yes, I know thats the itouch firmware.

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    I'll wait for tomorrow, and all the whiney posts from the idiots who can't wait.


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    See my latest thread, Reako.

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