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Thread: [LOST] Your Freedom Of Speech @ Monster And Friends!

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    Default [LOST] Your Freedom Of Speech @ Monster And Friends!
    Before I commence this collection of unbiased ponderings, I must make the following, entirely non-legal disclaimer:
    Drunk, you're doing a great job. Perhaps a little bit of a chill and some more
    time spent using the shift key would not go amiss, but overall I think the amount of work you are clearly doing justifies your 'short' manner.

    Now, I only just got my iPhone. I knew it didn't have a video camera, and that did not make me think twice about buying it. I'm sure it was just the same for everyone else here. The problem is, when someone offers you the chance to have something you don't. That's when people start to get irrational about something, even if maybe they don't need it as badly as they think they do.

    A good example of this is MTA. MTA, for the many that are not aware, is a dedicated Multiplayer mod for the Grand Theft Auto series. Now, they announced their race mode, and they released it, and the public saw that it was good. Then they announced their on foot mod in 2006, and there was a lot of hype. In the end, the damn thing was not released until 2008. Between that time, there were a lot of sour people b!tching about the release date, people saying SA-MP (a different MP mod) was better, and people reminding others that the MTA team were not paid, did not even take donations, and had donated ridiculous numbers of hours of their free time to make the mod.

    And so it's the same situation with DrunknBass' uShow app. Exactly the same in fact. Except this time it's gotten wilder. I cannot understand people's mass hysteria over a simple camcorder app. Granted it's something the iPhone could sorely do with, but not to the extent that people accuse Drunk of him ruining their prom nights, and, most absurdly of all, setting a bad example to his own son over! It's madness! And it's not even a film with lots of muscly well oiled Spartan men in!

    In fact, the last comment made about Drunk's son was what I think caused him to close the thread down for uShow on his site. And I can't blame the poor b*gger either. So to all you sad sad people out there:
    1) Don't take things for granted
    2) Use 'Video Recorder' until uShow comes out
    3) What on earth do you think he's going to do with your serial number? Put them into a mathematical equation that he will use to take over the world?

    I think its hilarious the amount of people saying that they were waiting by the refresh button at weekends in case they got sent the beta. Why? It gives amusing mental images of someone sitting there, seeing the app has been released and quickly installing it then running round the house like an excited boy taking videos with the frequency of a Japanese tourist! Have people never used a camera on a phone before?

    I would be interested to see where other people stand on this.
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    i agree on the whole complaining parts its kinda dumb however different people are mad for different reasons. I for one have been tracking this application since around maybe december when the proof was made. It got me so excited about the capabilities untapped within this phone that i began to track his work. I remember hearing something about a jan 15 date that wasn't met and after that things went nuts. To me that was the turning point once that day passed and people were left in the dark everyone started to become impatient. However for the most part we all stayed loyal because we knew this was one app the phone needed from jump so we were happy that he was working on the app. But as the months rolled around slowly people complained and at first db was a tru champ about it didnt really pay to much attention to the naysayers. But soon people were attacking him everyday it seemed almost as if he owed them something. THings really went down hill when the pictures showed up of the shots from the cam because then folks wondered ok we see progress now but why not release something for us to play with. Most people really didnt understand at that point that db wanted to put out as close to a finished app as possible and not something that crapped out or hurt folks iphones which is a great concept that others didnt get. So still all they did was complain now i was in support of him until one time where some guy said something and db defended himself but in kind of a rude way instead of just saying thanks for the support sorry to lose ya best of luck finding another video app. And it touched a nerve with me because it seemed that he was being a jerk so we had a lil tit for tat that went no where but i realized folks complain he's by himself and no help and the polar bear farm crap just made things worse. But i think finally the straw breaking was when he did the whole sign up and then nothing there after. it was like dangling keys in a babies face then snatching them away as they reach for it and it made people upset. Now i have no clue what the hell these idiots said in between me working and coming home but when i went to the site to see the comments closed i wondered what was said and to hear what was now said is really sad. I mean i wanted a video app as bad as the next guy but the role model stuff was crazy that made no sense and i wouldn't be at all surprised if he just keeps it to himself but either way there is a video recorder app out thats works fine. Im using it and others should use it to if the app is released fine if not fine either way people need to chill out about the apps release date it will happen someday but until then live a little do what i did start learning code do your own damn apps but hey thats just me or you can talk your wife into letting you buy an audi r8 just to play with until the app is released lol but please all calm down

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    You two wrote that much? lol

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    All you had to say was if you dont pay for an app or game dont moan about it.

    If you have a problem with it contact the creator leave feed back but DONT MOAN!

    Problem occcur during development shut up and live with it after all your not paying for the app/game.

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    I 100% agree with you......we really need more people like you guys on this forum. But seriously, I don't understand why people are so annoyed with db. People had there phone since June and still enjoy it, if no proof that of a video recorder for the iPhonehas has been released to the public, nobody would be going crazy and blaming people for all the hard work that benefits them. Just think.........if there was no such thing as unlocked and jailbroken phones......people would be only dreaming of games on their iphones. When i first tried that 5 sec video recorder thing, i was like.... "cool".i did not complain that it was only 5 sec., it was really cool to c it record at all. And instead of sitting and wasting my life trying to get info on other ppls progress of a video recorder, i just went on with my life, happy with my phone as it is. Occasionally i would c something about a video recorder o the forums, read it, say "thats great" and once again go on with my life.

    I greatly support all of db hard work and why he gets pissed off sometimes. i mean it would suck if ushow gets released in 2009 or w/e, but it does not bother me one bit. theres already a video recorder released and thats great.

    I would gladly donate but my parents have all the money and they don't share. :-) I'm only 15.

    Quote Originally Posted by thestrangestick View Post
    3) What on earth do you think he's going to do with your serial number? Put them into a mathematical equation that he will use to take over the world?
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    cool dude, i am just going to use the video recorder app til he releases his app. I will also take any "release dates" with a grain of salt. cool

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    Yeah, I agree. But you could have just went straight to the point. >_> I don't like reading all that, unless it involves school..

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    Wall of text crits you for -9000!

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    minus 9000 oman cant have much hp left. BURN!!! lol
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