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Thread: Hi. =]

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    Haha, i see
    I know a pinoy community site for the iPod touch.
    it has cool icons in there also..likethe flag
    but i know linking is illegal here, so i have to PM you that.

    ii see, farmer.
    mayng, i just dontl ike how people back home are discriminating the ones who makes our food ='/
    but. i love farmers, they feed us =]
    where in PH did you live anyway?

    haha, goodluck with your unlocked iPhone running on Globe or Smart or Sun!. =]
    and don't get it snatched by the "professional" pickpockets
    and those gangs like the "agaw pant* gang" "kupit kotse" and all that stuff =]

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    Welcome to MMi, feel free to ask your question in the appropriate forum and be as specific as you can.


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    Thanks ReVan.
    But I think I only came here to ask if the iPhone is worth buying.
    If not, i'll just buy its cousin, the iPod touch.

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    100000% worth, growth and potential to find Games, Apps etc. comapred to Nokia or SonyEricsson is 10 folds.

    It's the best electronic investment you can make. Imagine having a handheld MAC with you that's also a phone.

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    thanks for your opinion.
    but I have a thread about it on GeneraliPhoneChat.
    you can say more on your opinions there, if you wish.

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    im from ilocos norte krayzie,well im pround where my life started all that matters where its headin right?actualy i looking forward to buy me another iphone in phil do they have it there already and how much do u think?

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    I seee..
    my mom is from abra and dad's is from isabela.
    ...i was born in manila but raised in cavite. -_-
    so i dont know much ilokano..yet i can say a few words. =]

    im glad where my life started also.
    and im glad im here in the US, away from corruption on such a great country ='/

    about iPhones in Pinas, i doubt it.
    because the iPhone will release in Asia around 2008.
    So the only way you can get it is buying it on an online store
    or buy it fresh from here. =]
    IF there's an iPhone in PH, that would be like around 50-100 thousand.. you know Pinas, everythings expensive if you dont have the cash.
    but since we live here now, making money is easy and the converstion from dollar to peso makes life easier =]

    when i get back to the philippines, i might consider spending $1000 for shopping on different stores and malls. =]
    50 pesos X 1000 bucks.. 50K Pesos!..whoo i cant wait!

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    Kewl so krazy where u at ryt now? We should take vacation togder tol.woa dats kewl il be d only one using iphone on our place cnt wait toshow it off haha
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    Yeahh.its cool.
    I live in California.
    one hour away from either LA or SanDiego.
    its just between those two.

    ...about that.
    not really, i bet there are other people also with unlocked iPhones running in the Philippines.
    how i knew?.i was lurking on iLounge, and and iPhone was in the Philippines!

    ...but to show off mayng, they might think your REALLY mayaman
    but who cares. just dont get it stolen from a pickpoket, and you're alright

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    nah man we both know better we dnt chill around naked i mean its philippines your talking about im sure when you there for vacation u have some bodyguard of even gun with u hehe i always do...yah know how it goes if your balikbayan they treat like your a celebrity...i live in hawaii i have a lot of relatives in cali ..i usualy go there on the winter ama cal when im ther..

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