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Thread: [Opinions NEEDED]

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    Default [Opinions NEEDED]
    Ok, I have seen all this MAC stuff lately and it is pretty exciting. Now I am really wanting one. I just want some opinions on what you would rather have.

    My current system;
    HP Pavilion dv6000
    Intel Core 2 @1.83 GHz
    2 GB of Memory
    140 or 160 GB hard drive.
    Windows Vista Home Premium [Came built in]

    MAC Possibility 1
    Second MacBook Option
    Possible upgrade in hard drive and/or memory.

    MAC Possibility 2
    From that link, either the first option with a better memory[2GB] or just the second option.

    For now, I just want some opinons on what system you think I should go with...

    Later, if I decide and am allowed to get a MAC.. I will have some more questions.
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    Get one of these, and be happy.

    17" MBP will instantly become a desktop replacement.
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    The options I put up there are up there for a reason.

    It is more or less a money thing for the amount my laptop is worth if I were to sell it.
    I am only 14.. and this laptop is fairly new, so my parents dont really want to go buy a new one and spend even more money, so if I can manage to sell this one, they wouldnt have to pay as much...

    Also, what is everybody's opinion about Apple's Refurbished Products?
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    I have purchased several Apple "refurb" models, in fact my current 20" iMac is one. Works great and just like new, except for the box (refurb's ship in a brown box). My current MacBook is also a refurb, again exceptional.

    The MacBook is a good model because not only can you upgrade the RAM you can also upgrade the hard drive. Something you can not do (easily) on a MacBook Pro.

    Oh and don't purchase ANY upgrades from Apple, you spend way too much and you can not return it if you run into any serious problems. Purchase whatever is the stock system and then go to or someplace and pickup new RAM.

    An iMac is a great system, I just prefer the portability of a MacBook. If I could only have one, MacBook for sure.

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    That is what I was thinking.. well.. my mom said that I cant sell my laptop.. so I am stuck for now.. but.. when I go to college.. or when I get a job, I will have more MAC products..

    Thanks for the opinions though =]
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    psst... it's a M a c.... not a MAC

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