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Thread: I want a Mac!

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    Smile I want a Mac!
    I use Windows.
    I grew up using it and never really got into Apple until I heard about the iPhone. It's amazing (as you probably know) and recently I've had a little more interest in Apple and it's products.

    Since Leopard is coming out soon (7 Days 1 Hour 16 Minutes 30 Seconds to be exact) I just watched the Guided Tour of the new features of Leopard.

    And now I want an iMac running Leopard.

    It'll be a hard switch... but since I can dual boot I'm sure I can get around it.
    Leopard looks amazing, it's awesome how Apple seems to just get it (most of the time).
    The biggest downside is the price. $2,300 for a computer I could build for $700 (which is probably the main reason I'm using a PC: custom built for cheap).
    I guess I'll start saving up. I want that Mac.

    Here's the video I watched.
    Anybody recently "switch"?

    HAHA. Look at this screenshot from the movie about iChat features:
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    Start small, then move to the big stuff. Once you have plenty of apple experience you will appreciate the big unit more. Plus, it's a cheap test drive. All macs run ichat, imovie, Ilife, etc...

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    the only thing thats difficult with the switch is getting used to the os. get yourself a copy of parallels or fusion so you have your safety net and you'll be totally kosher.

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    Yeah MAC is way better thats why i switched to MAC.
    Iphone Love... I dreamed of a iphone before it was out..

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    I primarily use Mac, however, there are some PC features that I miss and I still have a PC for software that runs on PC only.

    You'll get used to the Mac in no time....
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    i want a mac to i like that small one in the apple store

    apple is brain washing me to buy there stuff
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    I like Macs, but they don't game well- I'm a big PC gamer so I'm not willing to give that up

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    My first PC was an Apple IIe way back in the day (Wel actually it was a TI99/4a but that doesn't count) I made th move to an IBM AT rather than go the //c route and never looked back till recently

    I got tired of crashes, freeze ups, driver problems and all the other hassles of the bloated Windows OS

    So when Macs began running on an Intel platform and ran Windws natively, I jumped ship.

    I traded in an AMD Athlon 64FX 4800+ (Dual Core) with 4gb of RAM 512mb nVidia 7900GTX for an iMac 24 2.16ghtz C2D, 2GB Ram and 256MB nVidia 7300

    I run a 50gb Bootcamp partition for Windows Vista 32 Ultimate and the rest (450gb) is all Mac.

    Only reason I run the Vista at all is my Windows PCs were, as you can imagine, gaming machines.

    The games run as well, if not better (read: Faster/Smoother) on my iMac as they ever did on the AMD hogs

    Everything else is just a pure pleasure to run.

    Macs made my computers fun again, instead of a chore to keep running

    Quote Originally Posted by Kruejl View Post
    I like Macs, but they don't game well- I'm a big PC gamer so I'm not willing to give that up
    You don't have to.

    Quote Originally Posted by jonesmgguinness View Post
    the only thing thats difficult with the switch is getting used to the os. get yourself a copy of parallels or fusion so you have your safety net and you'll be totally kosher.
    Or run a Bootcamp partition.

    And the OS convrsion is easy - hardest part for me to remember is which side of te window the close buttons are (Left for OS X right for Windows)
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    I started out on Mac's, my dad had the one before the original Colored iMac with the small screen and stuff. Then he about like 6 colored iMacs, 1 for everyone in the family. (we still have 3)

    After that I moved to windows, mainly because I was a gamer and loved a game on the PC. (counter strike) Anyway, on a little side note, I remember I could have either gotten my old HP or the Mac Pro, I chose the PC because of my gaming. (bad choice).

    After being on PC's for years my brother got a G4 iBook as his second computer and thats when I saw the awesomeness of Macs. After that he upgraded to his current Mac Book Pro which then really got me hooked and after a year I got my Mac Book Pro.

    Now you guys know everything about me!

    All in all, the switch was easy considering I still use my PC (im on it right now) because it just sits on my desk and I use my laptop for traveling and just lounging around the house and in bed.

    The switch was easy, defiantly worth it.

    BTW, I already pre-ordered leopard!

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    grew up on Macs - loved it
    had PCs on business - did not like them but got around
    last year switched the business the Mac - it's awsome
    Leopard - preordered!

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    I want a MAC so badddd. Especially with leapord coming out.
    But unless I sell the laptop I have now, there is no way.
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    Ill keep my gaming pc i built, and i fix computers for a living so i wont have a problem with drivers and freezes up

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    I am working on my mom to get an iMac or Mac Mini... because we don't have a desktop at my house.

    We only have my laptop, and my old laptop[which my cousin is taking to college after this year], so if we decide to get a desktop, it will be a MAC.. I just am not sure when or if we will.
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    Believe it or not but I'm a Windows system admin and I prefer and recommend MAC. Unfortunately I have a Sony Vaio as a standard issued laptop, but i decided to get a taste of OSx and installed 10.4.10 with Vista dual boot. I find myself using osx more than Vista now. Plus when you have the experience of installing OSx on a non-apple hardware, you get to learn a lot quickly.

    Next time I'm getting myself a MacBook pro
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    Hmm.. I PM'ed you so please check out your messages ^
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    Wait until Leopard is released, next Friday before buying any new Mac's. I would echo the suggestions, start with something small, even a used Mac on eBay. Pick-up an Intel based model and then you can also install BootCamp.

    I too have to use and support Windows at work but use my MacBook for my life! I prefer Parallels to VMware's Fusion, even the release crashed several times on me. Parallels seems quite stable, even with Vista.

    I refuse to get into arguments (usually with stupid people), neither Windows or Mac, or Linux for that matter is best. It all depends on what you want to do. I don't want to futz around with my home computer, so I purchase and use Mac's. When someone asks me, I tell them I use a Mac and that's what I recommend.

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