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Thread: Hello from the Old Lady n00b

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    Default Hello from the Old Lady n00b

    I'm an old lady and I've got an iphone, so there. Trouble is, I'm not sure what to do with it and it's starting to irritate me.

    I've rammed needles into every orifice (on the iphone) that I can, and my knackered old ears can still hardly hear the wretched thing. Grrr!

    Can anyone assist a n00b that wants to pwn? I've heard it's good fun, but is banned in some countries due to their pwn laws.

    Anyway...I have managed to unlock the blasted iphone and I've got something called an 'Installer' on it now, but I don't have the courage to d/l any of the things IN that installer, if that makes sense. Do iphones get viruses like computers?

    Oh woe is me, can't someone pop round to my house and bang some sense into my iphone for me? I want it to have groovy applications, but I'm too frightened.

    Signed: Old n00by lady

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    As for viruses, none so far ma'am. If you would like some information, click the FAQ link in my signature (under this post). It will help you a bunch.
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    yep no viruses.. and as for volume its pretty low..

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    Yup don't be afraid to download. One thing i recommend you do not download is iAmp!

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    there was only one virus so far if i may correct but that was some little kids repo who purposely wanted to ruin peoples phones. hes gone so everything is safe now and dont worry about modding because a simple restore can fix problems. the phone is way better with mods and cooler =]

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    Thanks Ifilipino, pballa, Aiyo and Pokekid x

    Great, so then I can go ahead and download what I fancy from this site (giving thanks to the appropriate people naturally!) without worry? I do like the look of that pocketguitar thingy - how cool is that?!

    One more question...does it matter what 'edition' (or do I mean firmware?) of phone I have or which operating system I have on my computer whether a download from here will work for me? How do I find out what firmware I have? I think I unlocked it with iliberty or something - I went to the trouble of photographing my phone while it unlocked so I've got some pics of the matrix-like stuff that scrolled past if it's any help...

    And...sorry! more question. What do I do with Installer? Do I delete it? Or use it??

    I hate being a n00b!! Thanks so much for helping me. xxx

    Edit: ::: Speshul thanks given to Ifilipino for a great section on FAQ:::
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    you use the installer to download applications directly to your phone  03473

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    Sorry to clog up your boards. I've read the FAQ by Ifilipino and they've answered my Installer questions. After years of using computers, I don't 'just download' anything without giving it some thought first, so downloading some stuff that my iphone got with Installer wasn't going to happen without me checking first.

    The only question I still would like answered from my above post is: Have can I find out what firmware I have, and do I have to check any download I make from here is SUITABLE for that firmware + my computer operating system (Vista).

    Big thanks to all. x

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    To find out the firmware version just go to your Iphones settings , general About and look for version. Some applications say if it works with the firmware but athers they might not work so check this forum for a fix.
    Good luck (from an old guy at least for this forum)
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    You Are One Cool Old Lady .... Coolest I Know Of ....

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    Welcome to another "old lady". Ive been playing with my iPhone since September. Cut my "modding teeth" on Motorola Razrs. The iPhone is so much cooler. My three teenage sons love the fact that i can help them mod their phones or their pc's and games. Ive found its been fun getting into the graphics modding as well. Modding things beats daytime tv for sure. (I also have a race car that i mod too)

    If you've unlocked, you've already done the hardest part. The installer stuff is piece of cake. What I was not able to find on search here at MMi, I just Googled for and found my answers. Remember most problems can be fixed by a simple restore in iTunes and then re-jailbreaking and unlocking again. With the latest firmware its been pretty easy at least to those of us who started back on the 1.0.2 firmware, now that was not for the faint of heart.

    Good luck and happy modding!

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    Edit: You type funny.
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