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Thread: [Suggestion] New rule.

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    Default [Suggestion] New rule.
    Maybe the MMi staff should enforce a new rule.

    If people post in this section anything iPhone, they get a temporary ban =]

    Just my thoughts on the situation.
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    A bit steep for a newb, probably a good idea for repeat offenders. 24 hours in the shark tank.

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    Everyone makes mistakes.
    AS one1 said, if they it's repeated, appropriate actions will take place.

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    new rule 18 and up only lololol

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    but you don't use the holy banhammer for simple things like that.

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    I am 14..

    IMO: Age is just a number, mature-ness is a whole different thing.

    And to the post above, it would be a holy [temporary]banhammer.

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    I have to agree with Trent J.

    I am 13 and I have seen many grown men post things in the wrong section.
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    IMO: Age is just a number, mature-ness is a whole different thing.
    I completely agree.
    At least, on the internet it is (except for porn, 14 year olds do not need to be looking at that.)

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    Well, that is more or less a legal thing.

    But, I am saying in general, not just posting in the wrong forums.

    A thirty year old guy can act like a little kid and I could act a lot more mature.

    The age factor, is just a number given to you that you can not control. Mature-ness, you have the option to control and some of us chose to do so.
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    Which is why we don't have an age limit. =D

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    But now that we are completely off topic..

    you can close or delete.
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    per your request. =D

    and thanks for the suggestion, we appreciate it and look forward to more.

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    wrong posters is my bread and

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