I am trying to sell all this stuff as a set not really looking to keep any of it... so yeah just whoever has the best offer will win i guess...i will post the name of the case then the link and retail price in order. then pics at the bottom

looking for around 75$

iskin solo fx : iSkin Store - solo 32.99 (green)
incase slider: gold top/ gun metal bottom..29.99
otterbox commuter TL series triple pack: iPhone 3G / 3GS Commuter Series Case with Color Packs // OtterBox.com 49.99 (color pack #3)
capsule rebel serpent- with see through and white spine (20 bucks)
wrapsol scratch proof-protection and ultra drop + scratch protection: Wrapsol | strongest, easiest and fastest-to-apply protection for Apple iPhone 3GS 30$ each

so just send me your offers thanks!

Imageshack - img0283p.jpg
Imageshack - img0284v.jpg
Imageshack - img0286un.jpg
Imageshack - img0285f.jpg