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Thread: I Got Ripped Off Sale!! 2g iPhone 8gb

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    Default I Got Ripped Off Sale!! 2g iPhone 8gb
    Hi, due to being ripped off by nibbers/jarcon49 I am forced to sell my 2g Iphones.

    #1 iPhone $325/obo:
    small ding on left/right top of back, everything works
    FW 2.1 (not 2.2.1)
    Includes box, usb cable, standing dock, booklets.
    Please email me if you need additional info, pics or to send offers.

    This is my 1st time selling on MMI, so after the nibbers/jarcon49
    fiasco i will only accept paypal & will only ship via FedEx signature required after confirmed payment received!

    p.s. i hope I followed all the rules correctly too wow my pics look so small
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -001.jpg   -003.jpg   -004.jpg   -007.jpg  
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    are you able to supply us your paypal email address? so the scammed people know this isn't a scam?

    I'm sorry if you're not but hey, this is the 3rd iPhone selling and it comes with the same accessories that the other 2 come with.

    In some ways the heading is the same too.

    "I Got Ripped Off Sale!! 2g iPhone 8gb"
    "I Lost My Job Sale - iPhone 8GB "

    I looked at all 3 photos from you, nibbers and jarcon49 of the back of the iphone and there are some parts of the phone that look like the same scruffs as others.

    I could be wrong or could just be a common scruff spot but hey, we need to watch out after all this.

    Sorry to you if I'm wrong but just giving people warning to watch out after the last 2 episodes.

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    i understand jordo, if you notice after reading the "i lost my job sale" i am one of the people who got ripped off. Hence, "i got ripped off sale" and furthermore moderator cpjr can verify I am not nibber/jarcon49 as I have supplied him the pm's from these people about the scam they pulled on me. the email addy is use on mmi is actually my paypal account email also ([email protected]) which is not the email addy nibbers/jarcon49 uses of [email protected] & [email protected] under the name jared & Kevin o'neill... let me know if you have any additional questions...

    Sold, Please close mod's.
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