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Thread: WTB: Macbook Air

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    Default WTB: Macbook Air
    Macbook Air 1.6 or 1.8Ghz with 80GB HDD


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    1549 apple refurb site
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    MacBook Pro - 2.0GHz-4GB-320GB - 10.6.1
    MacBook(Aluminum Edish)-2.4GHz-250GB - 10.5.5
    MacBook Air - 1.6 - 80GB -10.5.2 - Lovin' It
    MacBook Pro - 1.83 - 80GB - 10.4.11
    12' PowerBook G4 - 1.5 - 120GB - 10.4.11

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    hi SODA
    sent u pm
    2.0 beta 8 5a345 ATT LOCKED

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    Yea I know refurbished is 1549.
    It could be even better with the student promo 1700 (student discount) - 300 (ipod touch) = 1400.
    Someone sold a used one to my friend for just 1k
    and used for only a few months but it looks as good as new
    I also don't need to be brand new and would rather not deal with all those rebate hassle.
    Hence, I would like to get a similar or better price if someone decide not to keep theirs now or in the next couple of months as I'm not in a hurry for one.
    BTW, thanks for the pm radigroove.


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    I'd be willing to sell mine, basically brand new, scratch and blem free, with whatever software you want, for 1500...

    gmoore34 @

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    Talking Really, dude? I mean, Really?
    Quote Originally Posted by soda97 View Post
    Someone sold a used one to my friend for just 1k

    Hence, I would like to get a similar or better price
    You want to pay less than $1000 for an Air?!?!?!

    Never, ever gonna happen on a legit machine. Stolen, I guess anything's possible. I'd wish you good luck, but it's kind of like wishing someone well in their attempts at learning to fly.

    VERY humorous, though!
    PLEASE click everyone's "Thanks" buttons...they are begging for it.

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    naw, I'm serious
    my friend was bragging about it and show me all the pictures and stuff, even the receipt is included.
    initially the guy was asking for $1400, few months later it talks down to 1k
    he has a macbook pro and doesn't need the air anymore
    The system is perfectly fine too
    I'm not asking for less than 1k but around 1k...
    If you look at this, I could get a refurbished around 1.5k and with the student promo I can bring it down to 1.4k
    There's no sense to purchase a used one for 1.5k
    I see what the guy is heading
    Also I'm a student and a few hundred means a diff to me....


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    The air has come down in price on ebay for 1K and i see this is an old post.

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