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Hi, I know this thread is a bit old, but it seemed the most relevant to what I'm trying to do.

I ordered an iPhone 3G at the AT&T store, and it will be here in a few days. I'll sign up for the $70 plan (I don't talk much). They said I could add my daughter to the plan for $20/mo with a free non-iPhone. Great. $90 + tax & fees is fine.

A friend offered my daughter an old iPhone for the same price as an iPod touch (which she has been eyeing). She was wondering if she could be added to my plan, turn off the edge, and just use the old iPhone as a regular cell phone with the benefits of the iPod touch. This would save her from carrying 2 devices, and save me from a $130/mo family iPhone plan. Is this possible? Can I do this in the store, or do I keep my mouth shut about the other iPhone, get a freebie phone, and put that sim in the iPhone?

Would I need to unlock the old iPhone to do this? It's on version 2.0. Will that be a problem?

Can she still get apps from the app store and use it normally?

Thanks for any help!
you can but you probably going to have a tough time doing it on 2.0 since a lot of people are having issues with boss pref. You can downgrade your daughter's phone to 1.1.4. Unlock it then install boss pref on there. You can turn off edge from there and you daughter can use the iphone freely without ever worrying about any edge charge.