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Thread: So I got a iPhone...

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    Default So I got a iPhone...
    So I got a iPhone (used on ebay). Go to get cingular service.

    And then am shot with the bad news.

    I didn't know you have to have EDGE/aka wireless service w/ iphone? WTF? I dont want that **** dial up internet, I just want to use my phone and Iphones features w/ WIFI.

    So now I have a iPhone which is useuless because I cant afford $20/month EDGE, and stuck with Cingular.

    What should I do now? Should I downgrade my iphone and pray another unlocking hack comes out so i can use cingular w/o edge? Or is there another way?

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    lol you dont need a wireless plan or edge. I have neither with my phone. Just connect via wifi.

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    thats what i do the hell with them i have my old plan wait for the unlock update for 111 dont worry

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    I can use my iphone just fine but I have cingular and I want to be able to make calls on it...idc about sms or itunes or voicemail..just calls

    Also is there anyway to deactive the iphone and reactive it? I currently have it under phone number of previous owner.

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    connect via free hotspot nor your wifi at home
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