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Thread: Has anyone got their plan changed?

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    Default Has anyone got their plan changed?
    ATT announced they would change all people who tether 'illegally' through use of 3rd party apps on August 11th. Has anyone gotten their plan changed?

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    Plenty of people. There is a thread, with screenshots, floating around someplace.
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    Anyone know of that "thread" sziklassy is talking about?
    I'm still looking...

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    AT&T changed my plan last week and keeps saying that I can't have the unlimited data plan back because I was tethering and because they don't offer it or have the ability to activate unlimited data.

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    I got an email today saying my plan was changed to the 4gb tethering plan.


    Back In June I got the notice mine was going to be changed. I called them, told them I wouldn't do it anymore and they said ok and that was that. I then deleted MyWi and continued on with life. So today I got the email and I called them and they said they had 3 "signatures" of me tethering in august. I explained it was impossible since I deleted the program ect ect. They said they detected it because they saw the data didn't end at my phone and it went to another device.

    I asked for the details of these instances and she said they didn't have them. I asked for the MAC address of the other device, website accessed, amount of data ect ect. She said they had no details. So I questioned how they could do it without any evidence ect ect and she continued to read the script. After 30 minutes of accomplishing nothing, and her telling me she wouldn't transfer me to a supervisor, i gave up and hung up.

    Guess I'll try again later. All I want is the details. Don't seem right that they can change it without any evidence.

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    I spent an hour on the phone. The first guy said "sure let me transfer you to the department that handles that... since you stopped at second notice they will change you back." Then the chick said "sorry, no can do". So I got to her supervisor that spent 30 minutes contradicting herself and was not able to define tethering or tell me exact times I tethered. Just kept saying I was repeatedly flagged for tethering.

    I'm going to try the iPhone2G trick and if it doesn't work I'll go to Sprint. I'm not in a contract so when I told her I would cancel all four of my lines and take them all to Sprint she said "ok fine, best of luck." Thanks for the retention efforts AT&T.

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