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Thread: iPhone has "No Service" unless on 3G?

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    Default iPhone has "No Service" unless on 3G?
    Hey everyone, I used to sometimes post here but I think I had a different name. I barely posted anyways lol..

    On to my problem.. I have an iPhone 3GS latest software, never jailbroken or unlocked. I can make calls, take calls, browse the web, etc. etc.. but only on 3G. When Edge is turned on, the phone says "Searching.." then "No Service" completely. The SIM card is from my iPhone that WORKS completely. I tried restoring to factory settings through iTunes without backup and that is actually the only thing that made 3G work. Otherwise, there was never signal. I need to sell the phone to pay off the i4 we just had to buy so i'd like it working as best as possible, if possible.

    Anyone have experience or can offer help? It'd be greatly appreciated.


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    Maybe you're in an area with no 2G coverage, such as an area bought from the Verizon/Alltel merger. It might also be possible that the 2G network in your specific location is down. Or your location has a weak 2G signal due to building construction or other factors (iPhones are not the best w.r.t. signal reception, so it might be more problematic by itself).

    Do you have other at&t non-3G phones that you can check with? Or talk to family or friends that have at&t as well?
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    Thanks for the reply, Genesis! Unfortunately though, my 3GS still gets normal signal strength and it's on Edge all day every day. Now for the 3GS in question here, does not get signal any day any time. So we have same phones (mine is black, signal-less one is white) but one has signal and one does not. Could the antennae have broke a certain way or something?

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    Seems to be a hardware problem if you've already tried restoring, setting up as new, and assured the SIM card is working fine. I could be wrong but it doesn't seem likely to be anything else just because one of your phones works and the other doesn't.

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