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Thread: Tethering Issue with AT&T

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    Default Tethering Issue with AT&T
    So I called ATT this morning to setup payment date for my bill. I was told a notification popped up on my account for tethering. Told her I Netflix n use Bluetooth sharing. She tells me that's considering tethering. She took of notification n told me if it pops up again there changing my plan. Lol

    I used mywi 4.0. I seen something with PAdnet. That it hides Ur tethering usage from Ur cell company. Is that so? N what should I use.

    - Iphone 3GS
    - 4.0 Beta 3 Installed

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    Nothing is completely known for sure on how AT&T detects tethering. PDAnet does have a feature to "hide" that you're tethering but there have been reports of people still getting warnings even after using PDAnet. A few things people are doing that may or may not work are:
    -Make sure the tethering app you use does not use the tethering APN
    -Change the TTL on the device you're tethering to. I think the default is 54, you want to change it to 55 so that it will appear as 54 when it gets to your iPhone if AT&T were monitoring it
    -Change your UA (Likely doesn't help with anything)

    Nothing is guaranteed at this point to it would be helpful to report back your experiences if you hear back or do not hear back from AT&T

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    It's still unclear if AT&T is basing this out on actual ability to detect tethering or on usage amount. There have been *some* word I've heard that they are indeed actually detecting tethering because some people with capped data plans (assuming these people aren't paying for 10GB worth of data which is like $105) are getting the message too.

    Try out pdanet if you'd like, but also watch your data usage. AT&T doesn't like it when people use too much data apparently

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    I'm paying for an UNLIMITED DATA PLAN. how can they not like it if I'm using too much data and how is that even possible when I have an unlimited data plan.

    I've gotten these dumb texts, too and I'm not tethering my phone to any devices but I use the phone to do all kinds of things constantly. AT&T says they're adding their $45 a month, 4gig ripoff plan to my account whther I like it or not.

    At this point, I'm sick to death of the iPhone and AT&T. I've had nothing but problems with this phone. This is it. I'm moving on. I'm done.

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