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Thread: Best way to get iPhone family plan?

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    Default Best way to get iPhone family plan?
    hello everyone,

    here's what i need
    3 line family plan
    line 1 - iphone
    line 2 - iphone
    line 3 - normal phone

    i know with iphone plans that you cannot have employee discounts and such
    but from what i've read, there may be a way to use your discount...

    550 minute family plan with rollover for 59.99/month + 9.99 for the 3rd line
    69.99 per month total (without iphones)
    with the employee discount it would be 49.99 + 9.99 = 59.99

    then we make sure that the "normal phone" is the primary line
    and the two additional lines are iphones
    so theoretically, you would have this:
    line 1 - normal phone (49.99)
    line 2 - iphone (19.99)
    line 3 - iphone (19.99)

    grand total of about $90 per month

    if my "theory" would not work
    what would be the next best way to have two iphones and a normal phone on the same plan for the least amount of money per month

    thanks in advance,
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    That should work.....provided your "family" can survive on 550 minutes a month!

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    awesome, so we should be able to keep our discount too, right?

    i'm on vzw right now, we mostly talk to each other and only use up 400-600 anytime minutes on average per month
    so we'll take it easy the first two months so that we have some rollover to act as a buffer

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