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Thread: iPhone MMS?

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    Default iPhone MMS?
    Alrightt, I'm a newbie aha.

    Sooo I previously had an Samsung Solstice, dumbphone on AT&T. I have the family unlimited texting plan that includes free mms. I got a jailbroken iPhone 2g from my friend thats running 3.1.3 firmware and I found out that it doesn't have mms enabled. Sooo I searched and searched online and came up with some activate mms for 2g 3.1.3 off cydia and Supreme Preferences 3.0. I now have the camera icon and the ability to edit my cellular data network.

    Before, I used some at&t mobileconfig from peacefulinsanity and for some reason whenever I left my phone on it kept receiving data putting overages on my account. I figured it was because it was tethering or something so I deleted the profile and got Supreme Preferences. Now I changed my APN for cellular data and mms to wap.cingular. Note that I do have SBSettings and I can turn off data completely, or at least I thought. Sooo I can send and receive mms whenever my data is enabled on sbsettings and it works fine but I check my AT&T data usage and it keeps going up. Whenever I turn data off it stops.

    Is there any way for me to send and receive MMS's on my iphone without using data thats outside of my plan? On my old phone I sent and received MMS's all the time without going over at all. I'm 5mb over right now

    Thanks for the help. I'm really trying to make this work. I love the iPhone, I just hate the fact that I can't send and receive mms's without killing my data. -___-

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    No data is always going to be used when sending mms. There isn't away away around that even though it doesn't go against your data charge mms is sent a different way then regular SMS

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    Sooo even though I could do it for free on my dumbphone, I cant do it free on my iPhone? Regardless of my plan?

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    Sorta kinda on your dumb phone you had to have at least pay per use feature(not family data or anything like that) on your account to send mms. Even though mms is a texting feature it is sent and delivered differently. You dont get charged the pay per use charge for sending an mms it comes off the texting. But with the iphone you dont get the pay per use option or no data what so ever option so you have to have a data plan to send mms. Then even when you get the data package put on you have to go into cydia and find a tweak or an app that will enable you to send mms because that is not a standard feature on the 2g.

    If that was a bit to confusing let me know and ill see if i cant give you a more detailed description and maybe a little less confusing.
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    Not to hijack the thread but I have a very similar question.
    I just switched an iphone 3g from tmobile prepaid to a go phone pay as you go plan.
    I added a text plan. Now the text plan includes mms but do I have to also add a data plan in order to send mms on the iphone.

    The pay as you go plan also has a pay per use data, will the pay per use work. If so any ideas on configuration. I changed almost every setting at one point or another when I got everything to work with tmobile.

    I guess dumb phones use WAP to send mms where the iphone doesn't have WAP configuration.
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    Ok ok. I see where you're coming from about the payperuse thing. One thing I noticed however was the fact that I can send and receive the sms messages, yeah. Granted, whenever I send one, it'll say under my network usage I sent around 300kb so .3MB. The thing is, when I'm not sending anything and I'm not receiving anything, my receiving usage still goes up. Slowly, like every hour or two I check back and its gone up .1 to .3. I figured it was because I left my data enabled but that can't be right can it? I'm still on an EDGE network. I'm thinking that something is connecting to the internet while I'm not using my phone and pulling data? Could this be a possibility?

    Also, thing is, I have a friend who has an iPhone 3g, he has T-Mobile with no data plan and he can send and receive sms without going over on his data. Is that just a T-Mobile thing that doesn't work with AT&T?

    Sorry for all the questions too but this is killing me. You're a big help. I really appreciate it.

    Edit: Another thing is that the package I have installed to enable MMS is Activate MMS (2g) for 3.1.3 by Smart-Mobile. It says in parenthesis "(MMS and tethering)" Is the tethering whats killing me?
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    Well it is possible if you have an email set up or anything thing that randomly pulls data every hour or what ever its set too. Some games and apps do it as well.I dont think it has to do with the tethering aspect of the package unless your actually tethering of course.

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    Well I only have like Facebook and Youtube. I might delete those two and see what happens then.

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    Last night I set the APN profile for at&t from tmobile. after a short while of messing with it I turned off the data and put the phone away. This morning I checked and I had been charged .15 for GPRS for 15 seconds and also .01 for GPRS at a later time.

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