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    I just bought an iphone off of a guy. I am getting a signal with At&t. If I dial a number it goes to a message saying to refill my account now to use the phone. So does this mean it was a prepaid calling card phone?And is that a good or bad thing?

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    Did you already have AT&T? Did you swap sim cards? Certainly sounds fishy dude..

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    It has the sim card that came with it. He's not the brightest dude in the world,so I got the phone REAL cheap, I just don't think he understood how to use the thing. I bought the phone as well as the box and everything that comes with it new. I know the phone is legit.

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    then obviously you're using HIS account which will still be billed to HIM. You sure you.. Bought it?

    He could obviously return it or sell it on ebay and get his moneys worth back. Your story doesn't sound very plausible..

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    Uh, yeah I bought it man. He removed his credit card tied to the account. I just called and it asked for a credit card number to add minutes to the account. I've even called Apple to make sure everything is on the up and up with the phones serial number and everything. So I'm good.

    Ok, I just called again. He DIDN'T remove his card from the account. How the hell can I get this info of his off the account tied to the phone?? And obviously if I were trying to scam someone I wouldn't be posting in a public forum about it.
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    you can't use his sim card, they cannot be untied from a cell number once activated. You need to go to ATT, get a fresh sim, plu into itunes and activate it like a new phone. Just did this with my old 4GB iphone when I sold it.

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    Great thats what I needing to know man.

    How much did this cost you?
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