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Thread: AT&T throttling Iphone 4 download speed ?

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    Default AT&T throttling Iphone 4 download speed ?
    Hey guys!

    I think that iphone 4 users have their download speeds throttled by AT&T, why I say this is because i ran speed test on 3 different devices, two Iphone 4's and a Nexus one

    Nexus One averaged 3.6 Mb/s down and 1.7 Mb/s up. the best ive gotten on it 4.8 Mb/s down and 2.5 Mb/s up

    Iphone 4 averaged 2.1 Mb/s down and 1.3 Up Mb/s, the best i ever got is 3.1 Mb/s down and 1.5 Mb/s up

    the other Iphone 4 gave pretty much the same results as the first one.

    I did the test by putting both phones in the same exact spot, running the test on one then the other.

    I have also noticed that browsing/downloading is much faster on the nexus one then it is on the Iphone 4.

    the results for the iphone 4 are pretty close if not less then the iphone 3gs and No i was not holding the phone the wrong way it was laying flat on the table.

    I'm in central California, and no im not looking to bash the Iphone. I use both the nexus one and the iphone 4, both of them are great phones and i can not chose between one or the other,
    so with that disclaimer:

    the hardware on the Iphone 4 is comparable, if not better, to the nexus one but the speedtest results are no where as close

    so my question is Have any of you guys noticed slower speeds or know of any difference that may make the iphone 4 slower then the nex ??

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    Hey, yes I have noticed a mjor difference in internet speed over the past few weeks. The fastest speed I was able to get was around 1.5mb/s and before the speeds were around 5mb/s. Wonder what happened with att.

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