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Thread: New AT&T Iphone 4/Ipad customers: How your data usage looking like?

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    Default New AT&T Iphone 4/Ipad customers: How your data usage looking like?
    I just wanted to know how's everyone iphone 4/ipad 3g+wifi data or at&t bill looking like since theres a horrible "Data Cap" in effect? Has anyone without tethering gone over the 2gb limit easily? Express yours thoughts, ideas, etc.

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    I'm currently on day 10 of my billing cycle and have used 26mb of 2gb. I almost always am on wifi; I'm in Chicago and I've found that even with 5 bars and 3G, I'll often get stuck on loading and the page won't load after minutes of waiting, so I always check for unlocked routers wherever I am. I'm honestly thinking of switching down to the 200mb plan instead after this month.

    I've probably reached at least half a gig by now over wifi though.

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    Im often on 3G since my wifi cuts in and out in parts of my house (ie my bedroom). Ive used about 130 MB of data since June 23. That includes 2 days out of town without wifi. I have the 2GB plan and am keeping it for now, despite checking past data usage on ATT's website, Ive never had more than about 250 MB. The 2GB plan is still less expensive than the old unlimited.

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    I'd guess I'm about 60% data useage and 40% wifi usage and in 7 days I've gone through 142.4 mb of unlimited on my iPhone 4
    Have they released the jailbreak in the app store yet?

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    I have used 1105 mb and I am 19 days in my bill cycle

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    wow good 2 hear as i will probably use 3g alot (seeing thats primarily the reason to get the iphone besides actually talking and text lol), but I will also buy a wifi router as well for faster easy use while at home. If your using 1.1 gb westerman in 19 days, then I should be ok with the 2gb plan, and its only $10 more if I tip over. I dont plan on tethering either.

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    i got the 15 dollar plan and i got mine on the 24th and ive used 50 mb but I have wifi almost everywhere
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    Yeah I would say so. I stream music and am on my phone all the time. I am actually an Att rep and I want to to see how much it would take to go over and I have been trying hard my whole bill cycle and never on wifi. The only thing I recommend is downloading apps to your computer instead of to the phone and just sync it up but u will be fine I don't see how anyone could go over unless tethering

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    12 days in and I've used a little over 200 mb. I doubt I'll ever go over 2gb.

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    I work at fedex and I drive the hole day so I use my iPad to stream a radio program from Dominican republic , the program is from 2:30 pm to 7 pm , so this plus videos , emails, websites I use like 5 to 6 gb a month, I wanna get my iPhone but when I asked for the unlimited plan they said is no longer available, somebody here knows how to get that plan ?

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    It's not possible to get it. Once again i work for Att and can't find a loop around it. If u didn't already have it u miss out

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    So is it easier to go over 2gb with the ipad than the the iphone?

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    Not technically depends on what ur doing if ur streaming music and video 8+ hours a day then yes but for most ppl the 2g is enough

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    So if i rarely stream music, but watch about 10-15 youtube videos a day, I could go over the limit? Because I send and recieve a ton of emails everyday with attachments.

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    Emails aren't a big thing and u should be fine doing that many videos

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    So lets say my limit was 2-3gb:

    - And I recieve and send a ton of emails everyday (some with pics, etc)
    - I send 9-12mb attachments to 20 people a day
    - I use the textfree app, and recieve like 30-40 text a day
    - I post a little bit everyday to my facebook/twitter/myspace lol
    - I use aim alot or yim
    - I browse a ton of websites, and check my bank accounts using apps or opera/safari, watch a couple of youtube videos a day, etc.
    - Play a few games using 3g everyonce and a while.

    But I dont:
    - tether
    - stream that much video or music much (maybe just use the police radio app for fun lol)
    - or download any apps only using my phone

    Should I be ok?

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    You will be just fine.

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