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Thread: data loop hole? thoughts

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    Default data loop hole? thoughts
    Ok, i find myself in a lucky situation. I hoping this will work so that i can get unlimited data on my new iphone 4. I have been on tmobile with my 2g iphone. I switched over to ATT 2 weeks ago. Thought id give the aria a try. (great little phone by the way, but wasnt much less than the iphone). Decided i wanted the iphone instead. I took back the aria, and ordered my new iphone. They switched me from the 200 mb plan to the unlimited original iphone plan. This got me thinking. they had stated that original iphone could still keep the unlimited plan when they upgraded for $30. Now that i have an unlimited plan, could i still have an unlimited plan when i switch over to the new iphone? Or even better, i wonder if i could use the sim (modified of course) in the new iphone? Id rather have an unlimited edge connection vs a capped 3g. Ill let u know how this works out. But if they let me keep my now unlimited data plan, this might be a little loop hole for those that still have 2g. summary: order iphone 4, use 2g with the unlimited data plan (its the only option for 2g) for a month or so, hopefully get grandfathered in data plan when activating new iphone. If they say no, im telling them that ill keep using my 2g with the unlimited plan and sell the new iphone for some mad profit. (just to see what they say) Any thoughts?

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    They can tell what type of phone you have activated on their network, so they will at some point catch it.

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    There are quite a few people that are doing this. I plan on doing the same thing next week when my IP4 arrives.

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    Like cpjr stated it will work for a little bit but Att does sweeps way more frequently now and probably get caught by the end of the month gl but a waste of time

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    Get the medianet 15 dollar plan using a dumb phone. Let them catch you and when they switch you they will match your current data plan giving you the 30 dollar unlimited. In the mean time enjoy the little cheaper rate. But Im guessing they will catch you with in a day or two unless you have been using media net for a really long time (like me) on a 3g iphone.

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    seems like it would work. luckily i bought my iphone 3gs when the unlimited data was still in efect, early upgrade for iphone 4 and i get to keep my unlimited data

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