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Thread: Pissed off AT&T experience this morning!

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    Exclamation Pissed off AT&T experience this morning!
    So when I ordered my phone on the 15TH at the store, I asked the sales girl "can I take my phone home with me SEALED and activate it myself?" She replied "oh yes, you can take it home and do it yourself or we can do it here for's you're choice!"

    So I get to the store this morning (which by the way was virtually emtpy...amazing at a Washington DC store to say the least! Anyways the girl who sold me the phone/contract was with another customer and there was this new girl there that I haven't seen before so she helped me. She goes and gets my phone and comes back out. She starts fiddling with the box like she's about to open it so I spoke up and said I don't want it opened, I want to activate and open it myself when I get home. She looks at me like uhm no we have to do that for you here, you can't do it yourself. I'm like I asked Teresa (she was my sales girl from the other week) if I could do it on my own and she said yes, not a problem. She replies back no, we have to connect it to iTunes...I'm like I have iTunes at home what is your point? Then she starts throwing me attitude and goes and asks the manager, the manager claims I can't leave the store without my phone being physically unsealed and opened up and activated with iTunes. So I didn't want to cause drama in the store so I was just like whatever, activate it then.

    After she activates it then she's like did you want to make a test call or anything, check the phone out? I'm like no I can do that at home and she rolls her eyes at me. I was like look lady, it's 7AM, I'm trying to go back home and go to sleep...I worked all night! I'm not trying to stand here in a store and examine my phone and test it out in the store, is that really so odd to you?

    I also informed her that friends of mine minutes ago...(at the time I was at the store) had picked up their phones as well from another AT&T store and they were able to take their phones home with them sealed and activate it themselves...not to mention all the people who had them delivered. Her theory about "oh no you don't have the tools to activate at home" is BS! How did all the millions of other people who had them delivered at home activate them then? For some reason, they just wanted to control opening up my phone and ruining the experience for me.

    I don't mean to sound anal, but I'm a teck guru...I like to open up my own things when I'm home in the comfort of my own house...examine the device, make sure there are no problems, etc...I'm not going to apologize for that. In the end I dont appreciate being lied to when I ordered the phone nor do I appreciate her talking to me like I'm crazy or something. I told her "look don't look at me like I'm nuts, if you want to look at someone crazy go look at Teresa over there...she is the one who told me I could take it home sealed and activate it myself!"

    She didn't utter a word. This kinda **** ticks me off and I'm going to E-Mail the manager of the store and voice my opinion about it...he was there but I didn't want to start up drama like I said so I just left it alone for the time being.

    Now onto the non-unboxing I go...I hope I don't have any of the reported problems with my phone...ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    At the apple store this morning they gave you the choice to activate it in the store or at home.

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    Exactly, you know if Apple is letting you take it home sealed then AT&T is full of BS. Anyways build quality of my phone is fine, no problems now I'm getting ready to turn it on...I'm scared to death from all the problems reported yesterday lol.

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    That kind of stuff pisses me off too. When I got my 3Gs same thing happened to me. I want to be the first person to open it and look at it and touch it. I don't need some AT&T employee puttin their grubby hands on my stuff

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    lady doesnt have a clue. just parroting what she was programmed to say.

    The Whole Event was a Fail.

    I have mine though, so I will not complain about the $15 Zag Invishield I bought.. total rubbish.
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    I have caused my scenes when cell employes try to put their hands on stuff that I have already paid for!!!

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    Went to apple , he gave me my box , asked me if I wanted I could express activate downstairs or take it home

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