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Thread: Cannot pre order in-store without a CC

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    Default Cannot pre order in-store without a CC
    Just came back from At&t store and they would not let me pre order because I didnt have a credit card, I have a debit card with VISA logo which is accepted anywhere that takes credit cards but they wouldnt let me use it, and I couldnt pay cash either. And theres no mention of this on their website. WTH?

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    I swear sometimes it is like they make it hard as hell to get into one of these phones..

    The whole no Cash thing the First time around and Things like this just keep alot of people that have the money and are ready to pay away from getting an iphone

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    they od me the same thing what morons. so just to throw it in their face i went home and did the online thing. I was able to preorder my account was pre authed for the 200 bucks and i have an order number from att if i go into OLAM and click check order status. also my upgrade date changed. I love it. screw u att. so its not a syatem limitation its them being idiots as usual. Another funny thing as well the guy saw my jailbroken 3gs and was like "oh i see you hacked your phone" I was like why wouldnt I the iPhones a 200 dollar paperweight if its not. I have over 45 hacks on this phone and it runs flawlessly with great battery life and as soon as i get my iphone 4 ill be hacking as well probably more than this one....ugh ATT when will you ever learn.

    I have to say im a bit suprised apple dropped the ball on this one. They should have known better than to trust att on activation day.
    wishes he could afford a macbook

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