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Thread: Tiered pricing has come... Unlimited or even 'Unlimited' will be no more

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    Default Tiered pricing has come... Unlimited or even 'Unlimited' will be no more
    AT&T Caps Phone Data Usage With New Wireless Plans - ABC News
    AT&T Announces New Lower-Priced Wireless Data Plans To Make Mobile Internet More Affordable To More People - Yahoo! Finance

    As of June 7th, all new iPhone and Smartphone data feature activations will be one of two types:
    DataPlus: 200MB for $15/month, with an add-on for 200MB more for $15 each 200MB
    DataPro: 2GB for $25/month, with add-ons for 1GB more ($10 each) or tethering ($20/month)
    Those with unlimited smartphone/iPhone plans will be grandfathered in for now, but if you drop them you won't get them back (as with most grandfathered features on AT&T). Also, if you want legit tethering (which will be available with 4.0, wow...), you must sign up or switch to the DataPro plan. This means no unlimited tethering legitly...

    Similarly for iPad data plan [re]activations after June 7th, the $30 unlimited plan goes away and is replaced by a 2GB/$25 plan while the $15/250MB plan remains. Current users of the $30 plan are grandfathered in and can convert to the $25 plan at any time (losing the ability to get unlimited data again... I'd rather have the unlimited plan myself) as easily as they can between the $15 and $30 plans now.

    The days of unlimited are over. Long live grandfathered data plans...
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    **** this ****

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    ^ what he said.
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    But I may be but I thought that the current unlimited data plan had a 5gb cap already at least that's what I thought I read in my contract when I had first gotten my 3g and also when I got my 3gs so it was never truly unlimited but like I said I could be wrong if I am please tell me

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    ^You're wrong It's a soft cap so AT&T doesn't actually enforce it. It even says that if they do decide to charge you for overages over 5GB, you are able to leave your contract and leave AT&T. It's in the small print right after where it tells you there is a 5GB cap

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