i have the iphone 3gs jailbroken with blackrain3 and use MyWi to tether to computer. i have noticed for months now that my connection whether tethered or not pauses or times out. and alot of times when tethered i have to repair connection or disable and enable connection after data starts to work on the iphone again. the whole time i have full bars in 3g. i can't seem to find anyone else that has the same problem or they just arn't reporting on it. i have talked to AT&T several times about it but they know nothing either and just tell me to reset my network settings on the iphone which i have done several times. i use my iphone as my main connection and with it timeing out i can't use it playing online multiplayer games on xbox 360 due to it.

another things is when i am connected on whether 360 it says something like limited connection and not all services available.
i have tried any and all that i have read or can think of. including turing off firewalls, reseting routers, switching cords, etc. all settings are on under the apple connection on the computer under settings. maybe its just my phone. can't figure it out.