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Thread: Saving money on the ATT iphone plans?

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    Default Saving money on the ATT iphone plans?
    Hi there.

    Alright, i started this thread to see if anyone here knows how to bring down the iphone bill. I have the lowest plan available (450 mins) with my iphone, unlimited texting ($20), along with a 18% monthly discount from working at best buy.

    I still end up with phone bills between 80-90 dollars each month. I barely use my phone at all. I use MAYBE 50 minutes a month. I text like crazy though. I called ATT and they cant offer me a lower minute plan because i have the iphone, and basically told me that nothing can be done to lower the bill.

    Does anyone know of any sort of way to save some money each month? Any loopholes im unfirmiliar with? If I cancelled my plan, unlocked my iphone and then just get a sim card from a free phone, would they be able to recognize that I am using an iphone? Or would it just be seen as just any phone so i can avoid the 30 dollar data plan necessary with the iphone?

    I'm basically paying 90 bucks a month to text and i'm getting a little sick of it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Ahhh the joys of owning an iPhone . Yes it seems they have a faster way of picking up iPhones without the data plan and tagging it on. They are able to tell what phone it is by the IMEI, which can be seen by making a call or using data. So the using a sim from a free phone will not work; as the phone has the IMEI not the sim.

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    You can drop the text plan and get one of the text apps from the iTunes. I have text free and I pay 6 bucks a year. There are others but I already have this one and it works well and fast.

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    Text+ (TextPlus) is another which is completely free...

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    I pay 30$ a month on my AT&T bill. Just for 450mins voice on the iphone, no txt mssgs and data plan. It's free for me to receive txt mssgs but sending costs 25cent per txt. So to get around that I use Google voice (I rarely txt though). For data, almost everywhere I go I get free WIFI. You have to get a hold of the older blue SIM card. The one prior to AT&T merging with Cingular. "M Net" data plan do exist but it's optional.

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    i called at&t the other day and was going to just cancel my service,because i dont use the phone much either.When i told them i wanted to cancel,they looked and saw i dont use the phone much.The lady offered me a 50 min plan for 19.99.I told her id dont know,than she upped and gave me an extra 100 min.So i am now getting 150 minutes for 19.99.No nights and weekedns or anything like that.I dont have a texting plan because i use txtnow.I did keep data.So my bill should be around the 50-60 dollar range.A little better than where it was before.I still may move to tmobile once an unlock is available.You can try calling and do what i did.I think it is better to keep us as customers,so depending who you talk to,you may be able to get you a cheaper bill.

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