Well, I have an iPhone 3G on T-Mobile (recently upgraded from 2G model) and I'm really getting fed up with the T-Mobile. I will not switch phones, God I curse out all other phones now, I love my iPhone. I will stay on it forever, but T-Mobile is really pissing me off. If it isn't the constant bad signal, its the slow EDGE. So I decided to switch to AT&T. I would have liked to get a nice official AT&T plan but the number worshipping idiots require a credit check and I don't have credit. So, I have to use prepaid AT&T (GoPhone, as they call it). After reading a lot online, I found out how to get the iPhone working on GoPhone service, so I will be getting the Pick Your Plan prepaid plan, ($29.99 for 200 minutes + $19.99 for the 100MB DATA package). Here's my question. After that data package is used up, can I buy another one for another $19.99 in the middle of the month, or do I have to wait till the end of the month? AT&T charges a cent a kilobyte after you use up your data, and thats absurd! Can anyone please confirm if its possible to buy multiple 100MB data packages in a single month? Thank you.