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Thread: Bricked iPhone 3G--Best Android Smartphone usable with AT&T iPhone Sim Card?

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    Default Bricked iPhone 3G--Best Android Smartphone usable with AT&T iPhone Sim Card?
    Due to a weird unexplainable jailbreaking/unlocking mishap, somehow something on my iPhone 3G got corrupted. Not sure if it's the baseband firmware due to Fuzzyband (downgrade from 05.12.01 to 04.26.08) or if it's the Bootrom or the NOR or NAND or whatever.

    Now, it is essentially bricked. I cannot restore to pwned firmware, and I cannot restore to stock Apple firmware (I've tried with 3.0.1, 3.1.2, and 3.1.3, on Windows Vista, Windows 7 64-bit, Snow Leopard 10.6.2, using both iTunes 8.2 and iTunes 9.0.3).

    I've tried redsn0w 0.9.4 (as well as 0.9.3, and 0.8), tried iReb 3.1.2, Sn0wbreeze 3.1.3, as well as custom firmwares made with PwnageTool.

    Over the last few days, I have done nothing but restore my iPhone, and each time, iTunes' logs tell me "device returned AMR error 6." This always happens during the "operation 25" or "modifying persistent boot-flags" stage. So the restore fails each time, and the iPhone goes immediately back into DFU mode. If I run redsn0w, everything goes fine but then the phone doesn't reboot, it again goes immediately back into DFU mode.

    Question 1: Can someone please tell me how to get this thing back on?

    If I can save this iPhone that would be the optimal solution, but as you can see from the above I've just about tried everything. Which leads me to,

    Question2: Can you recommend any smartphones running Android that I would be able to use under my current AT&T iPhone 3G plan?

    I'd appreciate any help/suggestions. Thanks You.

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    Are you sure youre in DFU and not recovery/restore mode?

    plug the phone into your computer, turn the phone off, hold power for 3 seconds, power and home for 10, home for up to 30 until itunes recognizes. try restoring it then... if its still not working bring it into an apple store and lie your *** off.

    second question: only android phone out for AT&T right now is the motorola backflip. It will not work w/ your iphone plan. you will have to go to a store and they will automatically switch you from iPhone Data to PDA personal, as well as change your sim card.
    backflip is a solid phone. but there are more to come.
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    I saw the backflip and dont like the keyboard being openish like that. Dust magnet. But agreed more android phones to come and also 2 webos ones. The Aero from Dell looks nice. Which will run andriod and they promise and update to 2.1 version after release.
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    First QUestion - I was in a similar situation with my 3GS, except I was stuck at a continuous reboot and stuck at the apple boot logo. I tried everything under the sun, but I was determined not to restore bc I'd lose everything. But I did try it and got the itunes error where it couldnt restore, I don't remember the error #. After reading many many post I came across the recommendation to use RedSnow. So I got the phone into DFU mode and ran redsnow as if all were normal. I see you did the same thing. Initially it seemed like nothing happened like it didn't work. I completely powered the phone off, and then connected to my computer. After sitting there for 20 minutes or so it came back to life. Don't know if you powered down and reconnected, but it's worth a try.

    Regarding your second question - NEXUS ONE for AT&T!!!! Out of concern and frustration that I couldn't restore my phone or save its content (before using redsnow) I ordered a Nexus one from google....I have fallen in love with this thing. Its sad to say but just like the commercials say..."Droid Does!" they should continue the commercial with "Droid does everything that a jailbroken iphone will do and in some case better!" I still use my 3GS but mainly bc I've got half my life saved on it, but I'm finding the droid market has many of the same app. Now certian apps aren't as flashy and refined as they are on the iphone, but things like multitasking, pictures, themes, apps, conversation quality, and just the freedom on this thing are great! I have been an iphone fanatic for the past 3 years since the first Gen, and I have been jailbreaking since it was possible. After using the Nexus for 2 days I can say that I prefer it to my 3GS. Now if could just be the sheer newness of a new toy but its fast, the apps are limitless, the call quality has been very good, and it just does all the things I'm use to doing on my jailbroken GS right out the box, and I can mount it as a USB flash drive...I love it. Now to be honest I do miss the itune/ipod UI and interface, and I'm not sure how the NExus is with gaming. I never knew how limited Apple has made the iphone until experiencing something different. I hope that apple steps up their game and offers more freedom and capability with the 4G iphone. If they do I'll continue to be an iphone fan. But until then I think I've found a new best digital friend.

    Good luck.

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