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Thread: 3Gs MMS FAIL (Ongoing)

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    Default 3Gs MMS FAIL (Ongoing)
    I cannot for the life of me send or receive a freakin' MMS message on my phone.

    I try to send an MMS and the progress bar gets to about 95% and fails.

    I have a 3G[s] 32GB.

    • I have reset network settings
    • Used carrier 5.5, 5.6, 6.0
    • I have restored to 3.1.2 and set up as new, no luck.
    • I have called both Apple and AT&T on numerous occasions, no dice.

    What can I do?

    ZOMFG, fixed it.

    I have literally called CS at least 4 separate times, and have had the same "this is too big a mystery for me, better call the hardly boys" attitude.

    Here's what fixed my issue, I am posting this in hopes that it may help others too.

    I noticed in a blog posting that on your features page, under messaging, it should read 'iPhone Messaging'. Well, mine read 'Messaging'. This prompted me to call CS. I spoke to a rep who identified that as an issue, and fixed it. After a power cycle, no dice. He then asked for my IMEI (which surprised me, as I had not been asked for it in previous calls), which didn't match the system. He corrected that, power cycle, no dice. He then noticed that my account actually had MMS "turned off" on the networks end. To fix this I had to be transferred to tech support. Upon reaching tech support, the nice woman "turned on" MMS on the networks end and had me power cycle. BAM! It works.

    So recap: Check IMEI, Check whether 'iPhone Messaging' or 'Messaging' on features page, and see if MMS is 'turned on' on AT&T's end.


    The reps that I spoke to in the past didn't follow the troubleshooter very well. The rep I spoke to tonight told me that checking the IMEI is the FIRST step in the troubleshooter, but this was the first time I was ever asked. Also, when they redid my text plan last time, they set it up as 'Messaging' and not 'iPhone Messaging'. Another error. And lastly, they must never have checked to see if MMS was 'turned on' on AT&T's end. I even suggested this in prior calls and was told: "Nope, ship-shape!" I am glad that it works now, but am a bit irritated that what took less than 30 minutes to fix this time, could have been done like 2-3 months ago...

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    the iphone doesnt have to be on a special iphone messaging plan (ie if your family has messages.. they wont make you get a seperate plan).

    and the only reason MMS would be off is if you had an iphone 2G prior to the 3G/S...

    I'm on an iphone 3gs using regular MNUN (medianet unl $10) and MSG3 (unl messaging $20).
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    Perhaps you are right, about the iPhone messaging plan. But you are incorrect about the mms. I haven't used a first gen iPhone since the second gen came out. I have been using the 3gs since it launched, and mms worked OTB. but I didn't realize that my IMEI never updated on their end, so the mms would fail. I'm glad you seem to know it all ;-)

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