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Thread: Kind of mad. But I'll live.

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    Default Kind of mad. But I'll live.
    I was originally on T-Mobile with a 3.0 3G. I decided to make the switch to ATT because of the 3G (wanted to take advantage of the iPhone wherever I am). So, I cancelled my T-Mobile. I signed up for 2 lines for ATT (check sig). The rep was real nice. I told him what I wanted as a plan and service. He said he changed it. Wrote down on my receipt and brochure to make sure I went home knowing what was on my plan.

    Low and behold, I checked my online statement. With 2 weeks of service (Oct 3rd), I have a bill of $400. I was livid. I called and found out that I was being charged for data usage and my texts.

    I said, how can I be charged texts and data when I have unlimited family texting ($30) and 2 iphone required data plans for unlimited data ($30 each). The 611 rep said that there is no unlimited data plan, its capped at 8GB. I asked why on the website it says unlimited. She stated that its there just because but really everyone has 8GB of data. I went off about my services. She fixed the issue and credited my account and now my bill is what its suppose to be. I'm just mad that if I didnt check my bill or anything, the amount would have increased. And what kind of business is this if the rep write down what I have as a plan and turning out it didnt get set up? /endrant

    But the 8GB data thing is still on my mind. Why would they put unlimited if its actually NOT unlimited? This could be a class action lawsuit if 3.1.2 OTB could tether and people see outrageous charges.
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    Other companies do the same thing, they advertise "unlimited" but there is a limit. Take Comcast, they say unlimited but they have a 250gig limit per month, up and down combined. There are other telecomms that do the same thing but with far lower limits. Tethering requires a extra charge on the account. Since ATT does not have tethering of the 3G[s] right now then they could charge your account if that is what you are using it for.
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